1 in 10 UK adults own a second home – while 4 in 10 own no property at all

Britain is becoming a nation of haves and have nots after new research revealed one in ten UK adults now own a second property while four in ten own no property at all.

Last week we reported that empty property numbers have risen to their highest level in 20 years in Britain despite the number of homelessness increasing.

But it would seem that our property market is being skewed across the board.

According to research carried out by the Resolution Foundation 5.2 million people now own a second home even though many people are struggling to get on to the property ladder at all.

The housing campaigners said the figures “lay bare the stark inequalities” of the UK’s housing crisis and should come as a “wake-up call”.

The proportion of adults owning multiple properties has jumped by 30 per cent since 2000, according to the thinktank.

Analysis of data from sources including the Office for National Statistics found that half of these second homes are owned by wealthy baby boomers – defined in the research as those born between 1946 and 1965 – most of whom live in southern England.


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