How to find the perfect Accommodation in Bath

If you are thinking of heading to Bath for a few days’ holiday, or maybe you are looking to spend a week or so and really explore the city and the South West, then Bath has some fantastic places to stay, from boutique hotels through to luxury private holiday homes and apartments.

With so much choice, it can be hard to find the right property to stay in, as even with the Internet making finding accommodation so much easier these days, you still need to take the time to browse through endless websites and property listings until you find the one that is right for you, and then all you have to do is hope it is available for the dates you need it.

We have put together some quick tips below, which if you follow should help to make your search easier and quicker and help you to find the perfect accommodation in Bath for your next trip to the area.


Understand What You Require

Knowing how many people will be in your travelling party will in turn allow you to know the size of accommodation you will require, as Bath has everything from small hotel rooms through to private holiday rentals that can sleep up to 12 people, so knowing how many people are off to Bath with you will help to make sure your search starts correctly. The cost of large Bath accommodation property is obviously going to be more than when compared with accommodation that can sleep four, so the sooner you know what you need, the sooner you can start your search and book the best accommodation available.


Decide Your Budget

Your budget will generally determine the level of property you are going to be booking, and whilst you can often pick up some bargains and make use of some special offers, realistically speaking if you want a luxury private holiday home in Bath for your holiday then this is not going to come cheap. Knowing a rough budget allows you to find the right accommodation for your requirements, as there is no point trawling through hundreds of websites if you know that 50% of them could well be more than you can afford or less than you are willing to pay.


Know Your Travel Dates

If you have children then you will probably be only too aware that prices vary throughout the year when booking places to stay in Bath, with most school holiday times generally costing more as this is considered peak usage times. Therefore, having a rough idea of when you are planning to visit Bath will make narrowing down your accommodation a bit easier, as many of the more popular places to stay can get booked out well in advance, so the sooner you know when you want to go, the better, otherwise you can end up missing out on your personal preferences and locations in the city or outskirts.


Consider Your Transport

Bath is well connected, in fact, it is very well connected, with the train station a few minutes’ walk from the centre of town, lots of park and ride availability and Bristol airport close by, plus it is served by regular coach and buses as well. Once you know how you are getting to Bath, you can then sort the tickets if travelling on public transport or sort out parking if driving by car, as during the summer months both trains and car parks can get quite full in the area so it is not worth leaving it to the last minute and then hoping for the best.


Finally … Find Your Accommodation

So, you now know the type of accommodation you require, you have a firm understanding of the budget you have in mind and when and how you are going to get to Bath, which means you are now armed with all of the information to find your perfect place to stay in Bath. As with most things in life, a quick search online will put you on course to find accommodation in Bath and places to stay, with everything from hotels through to private holiday rentals in Bath just waiting for you to click through and making a booking.

Thanks to Bath Holiday Rentals for this interview, a private holiday home rental company offering a wide range of luxury properties, houses and apartments for short term holiday lets in Bath, with availability all year round.

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