Quarterly investment companies roundup – Second quarter 2017

Quarterly investment companies roundup – Second quarter 2017 – Markets were cheered by a decisive win for Macron in France but, in the UK, a hung parliament and an unsteady start to Brexit negotiations were seen as bad news. Generally, stock markets have risen but, at the end of the quarter, some investors started to worry about what would happen when central banks tried to unwind the easy money policies of the past few years. In many places equities look expensive. Money flooded into the investment companies market for a wide range of funds and, today, there are quite a few new issues looking for investors.

Over the 12 months to the end of June 2017, the median discount across the whole sector has clearly been on a narrowing trend, moving within a range of 12.9% to 6.2%. The median discount has been tighter than it is today, however, trading below 6% for much of the second half of 2015.

In this issue

  • Performance Data – Luceco IPO boosts EPE Special Opportunities.
  • Money in and out of the sector – Investors still favouring alternative income funds.
  • Significant rating changes – Lindsell Train’s premium moderates.
  • Major news stories – Phaunos Timber lost its continuation vote.

Q2 Quarterly roundupQ2 Quarterly roundup

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