Herald Investment Trust - Backing Growing Businesses HRI

Herald Investment Trust – Backing growing businesses

QuotedData is publishing a new update note on a company in the Small Media, Communication & IT Companies sector:

Herald Investment Trust – Backing growing businesses

The Technology sector has been rising strongly in recent months. This note discusses a number of stocks that contributed to a near 40% increase in Herald Investment Trust’s NAV over the year to the end of May 2017. Nevertheless, Herald’s manager is convinced that UK technology companies in particular, which comprise over half the portfolio, have the growth potential to justify continued progress.

The manager points out that the opportunity set for technology and media companies is considerable, allowing the best of them to deliver structural growth in a low-growth world. Currently, smaller, listed technology companies are seeking cash to help finance their expansion plans – and Herald stands ready to supply funding, to what she thinks are the right companies at the right price, laying the foundation for potential future outperformance. In addition, Herald’s shares are available at a marked discount to asset value and its board and the board has a record of buying back Herald’s shares opportunistically.

Small-cap technology, communications and multi-media

Herald seeks to achieve capital appreciation through investments in smaller quoted companies, in the areas of technology, communications and multimedia. Investments will be made globally, although the portfolio has a strong position in UK stocks.

170711 HRI Update QD

You can access information about the trust at the investment manager’s website. Click here.

Herald Investment Trust – Backing growing businesses : HRI

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