Threats backfire as Tory rebels vow to defy ‘hypocritical’ Boris Johnson government over no-deal Brexit

Conservative MPs are defying Johnson’s threats to have their the whip withdrawn if they vote for legislation designed to stop a no-deal Brexit and warn their party is becoming the Brexit Party.

Tory rebels have accused Boris Johnson of attempting to destroy the party as they vowed to defy threats of deselection and vote to block a no-deal Brexit.

Former chancellor Philip Hammond accused Downing Street of “rank hypocrisy” and warned of the “fight of a lifetime” if officials attempt to prevent him from standing at the next general election as a Conservative candidate.

He pointed out that most of the cabinet had defied the whip over the past year with no threats of deselection.

And in a massive blow for the Prime Minister his Conservative constituency appeared to back him as they voted to make him their candidate for the next election in defiance of Johnson’s threats.