‘Science is not an exact science’, Tory MP says

Conservative MP Ben Bradley has been roasted after he said “science is not an exact science” during an appearance on the BBC.

On Tuesday’s episode of Politics Live with Jo Coburn, Bradley said: “I’m never going to criticise the government for not wanting to rush into overburden restrictions when – if – they are not necessary.

“Science is not an exact science at the end of the day.”

“These people are not smart”

Responding to the clip, author James Felton said: “These people are not smart.”

Bradley soon hit back and replied: “You neatly cut the clip before I explain my meaning, so you can get your likes. Congrats.

“My point is a fair one… point being scientists do not all agree on the meaning of data and the right actions.

“The decisions are not clear cut. But you already know that…”

But it didn’t stop there.

Felton responded with a jab towards an old tweet of the Tory MP’s when Bradley insinuated school meal vouchers were being spent on crack dens and brothels.

“I’m not sure the MP who claimed school meal vouchers were being spent on crack dens and brothels gets to jump on their high horse about truth twisting tbh,” Felton chirped back.


Others duly piled on.

We’ve picked out the best of the reaction below:

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