We need to talk about Nazi Germany

In the week Theresa May defiantly delivered her “hard right” stance on the Brexit negotiations and America gets set to inaugurate one of the most “hard right” figures in modern political history the message of 2017 has become quite clear; If 2016 delivered the body blows, the next few years are going to be a series of repeated knock out punches.

With them has come a series of worrying undertones about the state of the current social and political climate in Britain and across the world. In Europe Marine Le Pen – a woman who was on trail for inciting racial hatred just two years ago – maintains the lead in the latest French presidential election poll and movements such as the Dutch far-right Freedom Party and Italy’s xenophobic Northern League continue to make ground in their respective countries.

Socially, this seems to have legitimised a current of bigotry on the ground. Conversations that were once hushed talks in the pub have turned into outspoken and unashamed utterances, often on social platforms which have the ability to influence and inform people beyond closed circles of like-minded idiots.

Like old David Moore below. A few years ago utterances such as “fresh off the boat” and wild assumptions such as the ones conveyed in this misguided rant would not have been for public consumption. Today they are gobbled up.

Which is why it is important that on this, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, that we talk about Nazi Germany, because such a political movement would never have been possible if the seeds of discontent and seeds of division had not already been sewn.

During the 1920s an anti-Semitic newspaper called Der Stürmer came to prominence under the guise of a tabloid paper for the “common man on the street”. Unlike many hard-hitting and overtly propagandist rags the paper was run to appeal to a larger spectrum of readers, especially targeting the working class, with hate-fuelled messages disguised in the sort of sensationalism and hyperbole that has become a mainstay of today’s tabloid press.

As Selena Drake rightly points out in this piece, our right-wing newspapers are attempting to increase readership by taking a case relating to an immigrant, putting the story on their front pages and dramatising it in an attempt to incite the belief among readers that the individual case is reflective of a much wider issue occurring in society.

This is so reflective of Der Stürmer it is almost scary, because it legitimises racial hatred on the streets. Days after Britain voted to leave the European Union on a torrent of fake news about what the prospect of a “free Britain” would bring incidents of race-related hate crime increased substantially, culminating in the tragic death of Arkadiusz Jóźwik in a borough that overwhelming supported leaving the European Union.

As Joe Mellor wrote here, it is now feared that there will be another spike in similar attacks when Theresa May triggers Article 50 and beings the two-year process to leave the EU. The Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman David Isaac said he is “hugely concerned” that this part of the Brexit process will see a resurgence in attacks on EU citizens living in the UK, and has met with the Polish ambassador to the UK “because of the large number of attacks against the Polish community.”

Which leaves us at a vital crossroads. In the week that Trump becomes inaugurated as the President of the United States and Theresa May gets tough with Europe we must do all we can to stop the politics of division spinning out of control. In the words of Confucius, “our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.

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2 Responses

  1. sandy3

    Jack, it is you that are the extremist, clearly you are liberal from the extreme left.

    When I started reading your article I was hopeful I would find a balance view point, but someone who sees nazi tendencies in a simple request for assistance in meeting one of the most basic needs of our war veterans, quickly dispelled that hope.

    What astonishes me is that you were unable or unwilling to see and accept the core issue of the the D Moore Ads, that is a veteran needs housing and he has to sleep outside in a tent in the hope his council will see his plight and fulfill one of the councils foremost functions to provide Housing to UK citizens living on their patch.

    Question, should our retired clearly destitute soilders be forced to live in such depravation in 21st century Britain, when housing stock is available?

    Question, what is the role/purpose of our government which includes its extended structures such as local(government) councils. Secondly, if the duties of UK government has changed in that the needs and wellbeing of UK citizens are no longer foremost, can you say when these fundamental, mandated duties and obligations to British citizen was changed and as such on what date was our rights as british citizens made subservient to meeting the human rights needs of non nationals, such as migrants of whatever ilk above those of the British people ?

    Question, is the United KIngdom now an open globalised country, where the rights of its UK citizens has been nullified and are no longer recognised as foremost and as such given priority above those of nationals that belong to other countries? as this seems to be your belief as indicated by your take on D Moore request for assistance for this veteran.

    Question, to be absolutely clear, do you think foreign citizens should have more rights to be housed before British citizens and, please do not hide behind the standard response that this is not the core issue, but rather the Gov’s inability to build more houses. You know that although there is some merit in that statement, it a red herring a deflection and ultimately a distraction from the core issues as stated above, what are the UK government’s electoral and hopefully mandated duty to uk citizens, as I believe its supposed to be using our very limited resources to first meet our needs, as opposed to first meeting the needs and enhancing the wellbeing of foreign nationals before us.

    One final example of this awful policy which we the people did not agree, is the almost 100 billion given in welfare payments to both legal and illegal migrants in the last two decades, moneys which we have to burrow and pay interest on. Please note I am not including the almost 20billion in aid to legitimate war refugees. That is our duty as a people to give this help.

    Are such actions by our government right when our elderly are left isolated to perish with for the lucky ones half an hour of home care a day? and for the others who are not eligible, left to the kindness of neighbours or suspect carers.

    Should our government not first prioritise the use of what we all agree as very limited resources, to assist these who although are now amongst our most vulnerable and needy, were the driving force of the UK economy in the previous 80 years.

    Your words are not just unbalanced, and hypocritically contrived, but also not without that subtly masked destructive substance of unjustified blame, which is intended to make us despise ourselves as well as those amongst us who are now waking up to the perils of unfettered and unbalanced liberalism that is now no longer simply a distant misunderstood threat, but a very present sinister force,that is now very active in its destruction of both ‘ we z people’ and our grandparents hard fought for way of life.

    Jake you and yours represent a new ‘norm’ of chaos which ‘we z people’ in Britain of whatever ilk, not only now repudiate, but reject entirely.

  2. sandy3

    Oh by the way , the issue of race is very ,very important to me. Writers such as yourselves who support liberalism and use it as a psychological beating stick or should I say club, to brainwash the vast majority of British people into thinking that if the sinister ideology of liberalism is once and for all discarded, then the innuendo is that nazism as it only replacement is just around the corner or worse, sow the seed that ” oh no, perhaps, I do have nazi tendency if I don’t like liberalism”, which is just utter nonsense.

    What journalists like you do when you highjack the race issue and use it in the underhanded manner you do is to subject the British people to psychological violence by instilling doubt and heightening unsupported fears of Britains becoming nazis, simply because the members of a few racist fringe groups and or mentally unstable members of society, misunderstand what britexit means or deliberately highjack and use it wrongfully as a vessel that justify their racist acts.

    Somewhat similar to what you are also doing now with this piece, only your objective is not just to promote the liberal viewpoint but the need to now “rise up and protect liberalism in these trying times, or a deep darkness will descend on us all” .

    One last thing to say, on the issue of ‘nazi racism’ you describe, I believe the vast majority of the British people are non racist. I agree our institutions have some way to go to assessed as such, but the British people have come a very long way. I am not saying there is no prejudice, believe it or not we are all prejudice in some way, but sometimes this prejudice which in its normative state is combined with human kindness and morality is destabilised by the immoral use of these ideologies, fear and unilateral government actions as in the case of of Germany’s migrant policy and the horror to the lives of ordinary German people with 1.6 million Muslims ‘refugees’, the culture clash of which is now reeking deep distress and havoc to these German.The German think-tank states that 70% of these so called refugees are actually illegal economic migrants.

    As we have seen these government changes and subsequent actions can and in some cases turn ordinary prejudice into rabid facism and racist disorder. A an example of every day prejudice, ” not sure about that custom of eating sushi or I don’t like their way of doing that or, I prefer our way” these are simply examples of prejudice, it does not mean that the person who expresses such sentiment is going to set out to harm or kill someone who thinks or does things differently. That is the territory of the BNP etc,are you saying that the majority of Brits are closet NF?

    My point, do not change the facts and meaning of terms to present a picture that is false in order to fear monger and through this weapon influence and control people’s thinking and decision making and there by events that affect them.

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