We are living under a Brexit dictatorship

The Tories have laid siege on British democracy this month as they prepare to bulldozer through a divorce at all costs.

With less than 100 days to go until the UK leaves the European Union the systems and processes that have governed a supposedly free country have been disregarded as the principles of autocracy and dictatorship take hold.

Enemies of the people have been denounced. Democratic processes have been circumvented. Extreme executive secrecy is in place and to top it off, the army has now been deployed.

But one of the biggest signs that our government has adopted the mantra of absolute rule is that voting has somehow become undemocratic.

Earlier this week Theresa May hit back against swathes of her own MPs and the electorate who are calling for a People’s Vote by saying it would “do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics” and say to millions who trusted in democracy that “our democracy does not deliver“.

Yet with UK consensus shifting a second vote could well be the most democratic move Britain makes in a generation.

A recent survey of 20,000 Brits revealed that if a referendum was held today the result would return a 54-46 win in favour of staying in the EU, results Krishnan Guru-Murthy said confirm that Britain has “changed its mind”.

But the government would rather cast aside the will of the people. They would rather ignore expert advice and they would rather hold themselves in contempt of parliament than listen to any rational voices from outside their close-knit circle. And that, my friend, is a dictatorship.

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6 Responses

  1. Byron

    Jack Pleat, while I agree with your sentiment, can you please elaborate on what you mean about the army being involved? You casually mention it without any reference or explanation?

  2. Ellie

    The army were put on standby,in readyness for the riots that will surely happen later.I do not watch the news or read papers,but even I noticed that announcement.

  3. Axel McFarlane

    Army are always on standby, for all eventualities, so it’s a bit meaningless to mention that. They’re not necessarily on standby for Brexit issues.

    1. Axel, it has been categorically stated that 3,500 troops are being prepared precisely for ‘Brexit issues’ as you call them. Specifically, it is being used as a threat for what will happen with a no deal Brexit, which is an incredibly undemocratic way of forcing MPs to back the cabinet’s present agreement through inciting panic and fear. This use of the army as a scare tactic comes after the cabinet has already been found in contempt of parliament for withholding legal advice about the Brexit deal from MPs. The PM then delayed the vote on the proposed deal because she could see she did not have the backing of the house, using the ticking clock and threat of armed forces to get her own way. The article above is spot on, this administration has all the markings of becoming a dictatorship.

    2. Geoff Horan

      There is a special detachment of 3500 soldiers recently set aside for sending to ‘hot spots’.
      Presumably SAS as were deployed during the miners strike at Orgreave in the 1980’s.

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