Think Jeremy Corbyn is a loser? Oh dear, you’ve been brainwashed…

If you think Jeremy Corbyn is a clown or a total waste of skin, it could be too late for you – you’ve already been brainwashed by a handful of foreign billionaires.

We all agree that newspapers play a crucial role in British democracy, but what is troubling is that the majority of the UK press is owned by a handful of right-wing billionaires, most of whom don’t live here. In fact, almost 80 per cent of our press is owned by a handful of mostly foreign-based billionaires.

They’ve already told you what to think on a multitude of issues. You think you made up your own mind, and you think you’re right. But, you didn’t, and you aren’t.

How do I know this? Because blind policy based voting results (whereby voters tick the policies they agree with, without knowing which party they were voting for overall) are always radically different to the actual vote result when it comes to general elections and other major political votes.

Had all votes been cast on policy pledges alone, studies suggest the Green Party and Liberal Democrats would have both had a turn at power by now.

What this means is that people generally have some sense when presented with policy pledges, yet vote in a completely opposite direction. Why? Because these chaps’ media outlets are bombarding your brain with high level right-wing propaganda:

  1. Lord Rothermere, a billionaire living in France, owns the Mail, Mail on Sunday, and the Metro.
  2. Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire living in Australia, owns the Sun, Sun on Sunday and is the man behind Fox News, BSkyB, News Corp, etc, etc.
  3. Alexander and Evgeny (son) Lebedev, an Ex KGB Russian Billionaire, owns The Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Evening Standard.
  4. Richard Desmond, a billionaire, owns the Daily Star, Sunday Star, Daily Express, Sunday Express.
  5. David and Frederick Barclay, billionaire brothers living on a private island near Saark, own the Telegraph, The Spectator, and the Business.

The Sun, for example, claim to have backed the winner of each general election since the notorious Sun headline, ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ referring to the 1992 John Major Tory victory.

The tabloid had led an increasingly personal campaign against the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock, culminating in the famous election day headline: “If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights.”

The same campaign is running against Jeremy Corbyn right here, right now.

Think Corbyn is an unelectable loser? Apart from what you’ve read in your daily newspaper, how much do you really know about him?

Corbyn is a phenomenally hard working MP who passionately fights to protect the poor and vulnerable, seeks to protect the NHS, wants to nationalise natural monopolies and take back publicly financed utilities that were sold off to investors at a pittance, aims to stem the flow of capital from the poor to the rich, and campaigns tirelessly to seek diplomacy over war. Perhaps most threatening of all to the overseas billionaires is that Corbyn wants to stop corporate tax breaks, close down overseas tax avoidance, and stamp out wage inequality. This makes him hugely unpopular with the wealthy elite.

OK, maybe you do know a bit about Corbyn, but still dismiss his credentials out of hand. Sadly, it may be too late for you. The handful of right-wing media moguls running the bulk of the UK press have planted a seed, the roots of which have now grown deep within your subconscious, telling you that Corbyn is ridiculous, just like Kinnock was.

Of course Corbyn isn’t perfect, he does have a controversial past relating to some issues, but our national newspapers are full of stories ridiculing Corbyn, smearing him, or even worse, not featuring him at all.

He has as much right as anybody else to put his case forward, so why does he get such bad press? Because he represents the biggest threat to the right wing ideology and stability of the super rich – the same people who own our national media.

You may not agree with all or any of Corbyn’s policies, but it should trouble you that newspapers exercise power and influence in a number of ways. It is not just that they have a giant megaphone letting them dominate the public debate/thought. They have privileged access to politicians (just check out Rupert Murdoch’s recent wedding guest list) and have the ability to effectively set the political agenda.

However, none of the newspapers have privileged access to Jeremy Corbyn. Love him or loathe him, he’s the modern equivalent to the un-bribable Chicago cops who took down Al Capone. An untouchable politician. But, what use is a left leaning politician to a right-wing media mogul billionaire if he won’t even get into bed with him?

A perfect example of how the right-wing press paints a dire picture of Corbyn was reflected when the Labour leader turned down tickets to the opening game of the Rugby World Cup in 2015. The press slaughtered him. As did a number of high profile MPs.

The press claimed he had ‘snubbed’ the invite to the opening ceremony. Boris Jonhson was quoted saying “This is turning into a national joke…Come on Jezza: Scrum down for England.”

What wasn’t widely reported was that Corbyn had prior commitments, ‘scrumming down’ to meet with his constituents, the people he was elected to represent and serve.

He sat down for a private meeting with one of his homeless constituents to listen to her issues, as well as a full to the brim waiting room of others who had turned up to his weekly constituency meeting.

Whilst other politicians were quaffing down the free hospitality in the premier VIP seats, Corbyn was doing what the public elected him, and pay him to do.

So, why do people within Corbyn’s own party deem him unelectable? Because they know he’s an untouchable and principled individual who is unwilling to cosy up to the right wing press like Major, Blair and Cameron before him.

They may be right, The Sun and the Daily Mail may well decide the next election again and they won’t be backing Corbyn. People like Owen Smith realise this and think it’s better to change the system from the inside, once elected, and many Labour supporters know this too.

Despite Corbyn currently carrying a narrow appeal, the public has been crying out for a politician who isn’t part of the Bullingdon Club or Etonian alumni elite. Someone who stands up for their principles and isn’t a media lap dog. But, those very characteristics could be Corbyn’s undoing.

The Labour membership must now decide whether they want to get behind someone who really leans against the establishment, or whether they want to see someone who can get behind the media for the media to get behind them.

Whichever way you vote, just remember to ask yourself the question; Have I really made up my own mind?

Article submitted by reader Robert Owens.

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119 Responses

  1. Clivegsd

    And there’s the lazy and pathetic way of thinking by Corbyn’s idiotic followers. They are sounding more and more like Nigel Farage’s followers, *whinge whinge* “the press have got it in for us, they don’t understand us” or “it’s the Blairites, they don’t understand us”, the usual dickhead comments used by the minions to defend their choice of leader .

    Well matey many of us know about Corbyn, we lived through the bombings of the mainland while Corbyn was off honouring the dead murdering terrorists that were bombing England. That ain’t “being brainwashed” that’s personal experience, I nearly lost my sister in the Birmingham bombings to the people Corbyn classes as comrades, support him and you are pissing on the families of those that did lose relatives to the IRA.

    The man is a disgrace, he should have been booted out of the Labour party years ago, he will be the cause of Labour being in opposition as they were in the 1980’s, for all your defence of the vile little traitor all it will mean is yet more years of having to exist under a Tory government.

    If your intention is to support Corbyn and split the Labour party then you are so moronic as to not taking into account what will happen, we’ve seen it before.

        1. Ron

          Clive sounds like a Conspiracy Theorist.

          Corbyn was part of the negotiation team that brought peace in N.Ireland, only proof Clive has is pictures that he was actually doing his job at the time; slap on some right-wing defamation and you have a story.

          He’s projecting Ann, wouldn’t bother getting through to him, let him wither away.

          1. alan

            Ron and Ann – you’re made for each other.
            Stupidity and paranoia always find their bedfellows.

      1. Ron

        Cause the majority of Labour MP’s are Neo-Liberal’s, Corbyn’s a Social-Democrat; both ideologies are vehemently opposed to each other.

        Corbyn has the majority of the Labour Party on his side, which is the important thing. The Mp’s can’t get rid of him through leadership elections, Corbyn’s vote just gets higher and higher, they’ve realised the trend that’s building, a 3rd leadership election will herald a larger majority for Corbyn.

        1. Wild Bill

          “Corbyn has the majority of the Labour Party on his side, which is the important thing. ”

          No it isn’t. The important thing is getting the majority of the total electorate on his side.

    1. Richard

      What nonsense every word you have just repeated from media exaggeration lies and Propaganda but thanks for showing people how easy it is to be brainwashed you could not have made a better example well done.

    2. Jane Clout

      The article’s point is made. You have listened to the lies and swallowed them whole. Corbyn did not ‘honour’ the IRA, he, like Thatcher and others, engaged in negotiating the peace process. Or would you rather that the civil war was still raging in Northern Ireland?

      1. Ray b

        He didn’t ‘engage’ in the peace process, he had no official mandate and anyway, engagement would have required listening to all parties rather than uncritically accepting the perspective of one group.

      2. David

        Corbyn did honour those murdering IRA bastards. attended rallies and memorials and spoke at meetings. Refused to condemn the IRA on the radio in Belfast when asked 3 or 4 times. Keep supporting him and labour win never get elected.

        1. Micky

          Because he acknowledges that the IRA was spawned from the intervention of the British. The British government and army ruined a lot more Irish lives than the IRA ever did British lives. If you don’t understand the complexity of the situation, then you have no right to comment on it.

        2. Shanbob

          Yeah that’s great, but you weren’t actually there were you? John McDonnel was also involved in the peace process and Jeremy Corbyn was the official mediator between the IRA and the Labour Party. The reason he didn’t condemn the IRA on the radio is quite simply because he didn’t want to completely wreck a peace process he’d put so much time and effort in to bringing about. By your stupid logic corbyn also supports HAMAS and Hezbollah. Wtf is corbyn half palestinian half irish? Or is the truth that corbyn was the only bloke out there will the balls to speak to the sides that no one wants to engage with regardless of the criticism he would face by rote learning sound bite ignoramuses such as yourself?

        3. Duncs

          So, what you are saying is, you would prefer there to still be Irish Terrorist killing people and making people live in fear? Well what a lovely world you want to live in.

          Instead of living in the past, why not complain about the Tories financing and sponsoring A”Qaeda in Libya and Syria? We are literally giving money to the people that caused 9/11…. But hey ho, lets complain about Jeremy talking to the Irish to help bring about peace.

    3. Dan

      Lazy and pathetic? No, calling people morons because they disagree with you is lazy and pathetic. Corbyn, for the record, is not an IRA supporter. And anyway, didn’t Blair negotiate with the IRA to bring about relative peace in Northern Ireland today?

    4. david

      and what about the families of people who lost relatives in Iraq, Afghanistan Libya and Syria, both British troops and natives? Supporting a political position such as Irish independence doesn’t mean he supported the murder of innocent people for that cause. Throughout his career he has shown that he is passionately against violence. He is the only person I have ever seen anywhere near the front benches of parliament speaking openly and honestly and fighting for the rights of poor people. And no doubt had someone like him been in charge during those dreadful times when the IRA was at its peak, more diplomacy would have ensued which likely would have led to at worst less IRA terrorism and at best and end to it altogether

    5. Bruce paley

      Brilliant piece. Look at how the right wing media mocked Ed Miliband with pictures of him looking awkward eating a bacon sandwich or whatever – that sort of treatment and Labour’s Deer-in-the-Headlights response to the frequent claim re the economic “mess” they left behind (when they actually left behind a growing economy) cost Labour the last election. Now , as the article states, it’s up to the PLP: they can either support Corbyn and his sensible policies – most of which wold resonate widely with the public at large – and make a real run for No. 10, or cut off their own nose to spite their face by continuing to undermine him thereby handing the Tories the keys to Downing Street for many more years to come. Common sense says they would do the former, but I fear they’ll opt for the latter.

    6. TCliverpool

      I bet you don’t realise the troops went into Northern Ireland to protect the Catholic community from being murdered, it is easy to spout nonsense when you don’t understand what went on in that apartheid afflicted provence. Do you realise that more catholics died at the hands of paramilitary groups than the other way round, but as the Blog says knowledge is given to idiots by billionaires who swallow it up. lot’s of people left the Labour party yesterday when Corbyn was announced the winner but guess what wasn’t reported by your billionaires? 15,000 joined!

    7. M.H.

      Nobody pisses on the victims of violence in Ireland but those who would see the conflict go on and on and on.
      You seem to be one of those.

      If THAT is the only reason you dislike Corbyn, you might have been left behind by history.

    8. andreww

      ah, the tired old Marxist “false consciousness” idea once more – only the people who agree with Corbyn have seen the light, the rest of us are burrowing away in the dark.
      An endlessly circular argument which offers his supporters a permanent excuse for defeat – there’s always someone other than JC and themselves to blame !

    9. The Higg

      and are you pissing on the memory of all the Irish lives caused by Britain and their agents over centuries of suppression, starvation, etc? If we want to go to war, we demonise our enemies. If we want peace with them, we must find common ground. Corbyn wants peace, so concessions must be made. So a little less bias, please.

    10. Tim

      Your IP address traces to Portland Communications Ltd, the same company, run by Tony Blair, that planted stooges in the crowd at the gay pride parade to harass Corbyn – you were caught then and you’ve been caught now. Nice try. Lrn2Net.

    11. James TARRANT

      There seems to be evidence that an effective number of Tories willingly voted Jeremy Corben as leader of the Labour Party to preserve their hold on Government.. Voting papers were freely available to almost everyone at the time of the last leadership election and they openly claimed to have done so. Keep Jeremy in and the Socialist vote wiill be fragmented was their boast.. Never mind the press barons, LAbour are well able to shoot themselves !

    12. SteveRage

      So the majority are all wrong, stupid, moronic and brainwashed. And it’s only people like YOU that are intelligent and insightful enough to see the truth…… And the left wonder why people refer to them as arrogant!

    13. John Devine

      It was TALKING that brought the ‘troubles’ to an end, not guns. If Corbym had been listened to 10 years earlier peace would have happened that much sooner and thousands of lives saved.

    14. Stephen

      Let’s get it straight, it’s the Blairites who wish to undermine Labour at any cost.

      Peter Mandelson: I try to undermine Jeremy Corbyn ‘every single day’

      Support your leader or else the electorate will continue to reject the divided party.

    15. Sara Browne

      Clive if it were not for Corbyn and politicians like him we would still be cowering in fear of the next reprisal from the IRA. Far from ‘cosying up’ to them he was willing to sit at the same table and discuss the options for peace. Without him we would still be at war and more people would have died. Is that what you really want???

      1. allegoricalfact

        He did nothing to help the children being abused in a children’s home on his own patch! So yes he does ‘eat babies’ out of cowardice –

    16. Quinn

      Nobody is pissing on the families of those who lost relatives in the IRA bombings, you bumbling fool. By opening up dialogue he was doing the only thing that could stop the bombings, and the thing which did stop the bombings. It just took the rest of Westminster a little longer to get round to it.

    17. Jenny

      Excellent article. I am a Corbyn fan. I love his rebel spirit and see him as a glowing light for the future of a fairer society. Fingers crossed the great British public will wake up from the media brainwashing and start to think for themselves. Miracles can happen. Must say I feel that the comments made by Clivegsd are vitriolic beyond belief. He writes as if he is a labour supporter, but sounds to me like an undercover conservative. You know the type..

    18. Owen Biewahn

      Just a thought if Labour were to win the election with Brexit looming you can bet the Tories rich backers and the mega corporations would do all they could to screw up the economy and blame it on a Labour government. Could be the Tories realize they are totally unprepared for Brexit and rather than face a media drubbing would be happy for Labour to carry the can. It’s quit a clever trick really with a heads I win (i.e. power grab) or a tails you lose (Brexit screw up responsibility) scenario.

    19. Jim

      Twas ever thus. Similar studies/surveys were done years ago using Tony Benn’s ideas. Similar results were found. The vast majority of folk in the UK favour a tax payer funded NHS, education system, transport system and all manor of other services.

      The right wing in this country, the establishment and the media, have convinced most people that socialism is a bad thing, not just bad but somehow evil and cruel. Comparisons are often made to Russia and China, which have never been socialist – but rather totalitarian states.

      Many northern European countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland to name three have operated a close approximation to democratic socialism very successfully for many years and are often held up as examples of fair and happy societies.

  2. Marcel Le Singe

    I think that “being brainwashed” is being unable to know you’ve been brainwashed….exactly why you’ve just proved the sense of the article

  3. Liam Charles White

    What patronising drivel. The guardian, economist and new statesman all think he’s crap too. Corbyn couldn’t win a general election today if only labour voters could vote. More of them prefer Theresa may as prime minister

    1. Frederick Robinson

      And of course, Liam Charles White, Theresa May is PM because neither Conservatives (apart from a select few), Labour, LibDems, SNPs, UKIPPers, nor even floating voters were given a say in her election. A ‘coronation’, or Conservative Party stitch-up. Re the billionaire (and other) newspaper proprietors – who rules them? Why, the PRESSES; those print-hungry machines which MUST be fed daily (or even more often), no matter what mental junk-food they have to be supplied with.

    2. Tim Gingell

      And you think the opinion of these papers is worth something?! Aren’t you being patronising yourself, and then seeking approbation from these papers as proof for your confirmation bias?

    3. IhateLiam

      Go and reread the article because clearly it hasn’t penetrated your thick skull.

      The writer is arguing that the reason so many prefer May is because Corbyn has been demonised to the point of satire.

      And the Guardian is still coughing up the same neo-Liberal shite as the rest of them, between articles on how to make home-made hummus and property listings for Shoreditch Matthew d’Ancona is sucking up to the idea of military action in Syria, plus they backed Yvette Cooper in the last leadership race so they’re pretty much as Blairite as it can be.

  4. Richard

    I think going by the referendum the people are ready for someone like Corbyn that is why the establishment is in a full scale panic they are no longer dictating how we do things and how we vote. Yes older people are still taken in by this stuff but when the average age of a newspaper reader is 68 and readership is declining by 10,000 a month won’t be long before those that think for themselves are in the Majority. Change is coming and the super wealthy are in meltdown dangerous times for all of us but change will come sooner or later.

    1. Joseph Adam-smith

      “Yes the older people are still taken in by this stuff.” As opposed to the young, more intelligent people? Those that are into Big Brother, say. or read about the latest must-have items. The latest fashion because, yeah, that’s really important, like, you know, like. and,yeah, which footballer is the one to know about and, don’t let’s miss so and so on SKY.

      Or the young people on an accountancy course at the local college I was attending who didn’t know that the then Chancellor of the Exchequer was Gordon Brown…… Bearing in mind that they had chosen a career in finance they didn’t care who the person was who would have a big impact on their working lives…..

      Labeling of any group of people is stupid,Richard. There are well-educated and ignorant people in all walks of life. There are people who will never pass any exam but have abilities in other ways.

      And this article indicates that the writer believes that people who SAY one thing but do another must have been brainwashed and cannot think for themselves. The possibility that people want to sound as though they are following the current trend – ie the eco-green trend in the point put forward – but actually know that the said trend is pie-in-the-sky fallacy and vote accordingly, does not seem to occur to him .

  5. Common sense

    So everyone who acknowledges statistics, facts, opinions polls, etc, is brainwashed, while those who translate reality as they wish are logical and commonsensers? This is what the article tells us. Since Corbyn took office most of his supporters are in denial, claiming that they have the majority on their side, refusing to see that Corbyn’s popularity is low, and the party almost has collapsed. These are the ones that have been brainwashed. And they only have themselves to blame, because their desire to see Corbyn becoming a Prime Minister has blinded them, inasmuch as they have lost contact with the real world.

      1. Joseph Adam-smith

        All right wing, Ann? Bearing in mind that the national broadcaster, ie George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth aka BBC, is so far to the left it would make Michael Foot look like a right-wing fascist.

        Then, there is the Guardian/Observer. Daily/Sunday Mirror and the Record. The Glasgow Herald.

        But,none of the print media, whether left or right wing,can trump the power of the Ministry of Truth – it is far reaching both on TV and radio. And,even more so, on the web. And checking its online news coverage you will see how biased it is……

        1. Matt

          Would that be the BBC who’s almost entire political wing (barring a “Blairite”) is Tory? That left wing BBC? Whose Board of trustees is lead by Rona Fairhead, appointed against normal practice by David Cameron, and a former adviser of his? That left wing BBC?
          Mate, you are funny, but I don’t think you realise why.

        2. Tim Gingell

          Goodness me, you really aren’t very discerning are you? The BBC has changed in my lifetime from having some semblance of neutrality to none. All papers have shifted to the right – it’s the way they wish to consolidate their position as needing to exist in the world and appeal to those who still have money.

    1. c mason

      Corbyn’s labour have won every local election since he has led the party, including winning a seat from the SNP and 3 from the Conservative in Scotland just last week. Some polls suggest labour was ahead of the conservatives in popularity before the planned and well orchestrated coup. Corbyn has 500,000 labour supporters behind him and more joining the party every day. That’s a hell of a canvassing force to be reckoned with. F*** the papers, the truth is out there if you read between the lines!

    2. Barney Woods

      Real world?
      Common sense?

      You seem to think you have a unique and enlightened grasp of all of those. Where do you get your information from to form such a grandiose and dismissively elitist “Real world” view? The rightwing media perhaps? Does it even occur to you that many people think differently to you?

      Your “real world” view seems to be burdened with confirmation bias. Try reading around the subject, including those views from writers who don’t necessarily agree with you. Question EVERYTHING.

      Until you can do that, only then can you legitimately comment on facts and reality. And please, please, please just change your name until you can actually live up to it.

    3. Isobel Matheson

      I do not have a ‘desire to see Corbyn as PM’, I simply want a Labour government, true to Labour values, and am sure JC is the best we can hope for to achieve that. Find someone else who can take us back to what Labour is really about and I’ll support them as PM/leader. Meantime, I’m happy with Corbyn, thank you.

  6. Darren B

    Clivesg, a dare say you will be moderated if all you can post is attacks on the vast majority of Labour Party members and hackneyed rehashes of precisely the sort of tabloid trash that the article has warned against.

    The people are rejecting the right wing, and the right wing are forcing a split in an attempt to take control from the membership.

    You should be ashamed for promoting this.

    Blair got ‘the sun’ onside by promising to neuter the Labour Party. Now that’s been done, they’ll never support the party again.

    1. Darren you are spot on! Oh how blind are those that will not see, listen, to anything except to the right wing media. Which they accept as the gospel truth!

  7. Richard

    At the end of the day we the people would be better off taking a chance of having a conviction MP like Corbyn in opposition than have an establishment clone like Smith as PM because corporate puppets never bring real change just talk about it with no real conviction or intention.

    1. Joseph Adam-smith

      Would be the same conviction MP that was totally against the EU? And yet, when the referendum occurred he supported it? Sure, he was luke warm in his support, but he did support the EU and campaigned to REMAIN.

      1. Tim Gingell

        His position was more complex than the binary choice offered – he was in favour of remaining in order to reform. However, nobody, even the Remainers, would say the EU was perfect. He was just telling it as he saw it – that’s conviction. Politics sometimes requires an element of compromise, but he cannot (and this is why people like him) talk from a position he does not himself support. You are again looking for reasons to support your confirmation bias.

  8. Valerie

    I would like to know how many muslims have voted for him, i will not vote Labour again, i think his idea of open borders is crazy, i have always voted Labour in the p[ast, but i think Corbyn is too much on the side of anyone other than ours
    Some of his ideas are off the wall, too good to be true, anyone can make promises,

  9. jambob

    I think after reading Clivegsd’s comments, and taking into consideration the loss he suffered at the hands of the rogue IRA, I can sympathise with his view point.
    But frankly what has his nasty trolling negative, crock of irrelevant vile spewings got to do with this article?
    How does he think we shall stop the actions of the terrorists around the world?
    How do we counter the desires of the right wing elite that run our media?
    Through open and unbiased dialogue, a free unbiased press, actually trying to talk to the protagonists- not sympathise, but empathise to the point where some progress towards stopping the killing might happen.
    If he believes corbyn to be a supporter of terrorism then HE is as ill informed and whingy as those he wishes to insult in his spewings above.
    Get counselling asap, get a decent independent viewpoint and stop trolling – negativity is exactly what the media moguls want- great job playing right into their hands.

    1. Joseph Adam-smith

      “Empathise….” How do you empathise with mass rapists, Jambob? Or, how do you empathise with people who think it amusing to throw homosexuals off a roof? Or murder people who make jokes about their so-called prophet?

      Back in the 70s Monty Python were severely criticised for the Life Of Brian. But they weren’t murdered. Do you think that “Brian” could be centered around Mohamed? Not a cat in hell’s chance. So, please explain – how are we going to empathise with these people?

      1. Pete the Beat

        @Joseph Adam-smith: You’re conflating extremists with ordinary Muslims and that’s extremely foolhardy and dangerous.

        I’m white caucasian of Irish Catholic descent, first generation British, and I currently live in Bradford where I’m surrounded by Muslims on all sides; these people are my neighbours and some are my friends. I’m not going to pretend that Bradford doesn’t have its problems, just like any city, but peace reigns in our community and it isn’t a fragile one either, it’s robust. We are determined, all of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike that it’s going to stay that way.

  10. DJG

    A leader of a party that wishes to win an election has to be pragmatic. To be in opposition and have ideals and convictions is all very worthy but does nothing for the millions of people who need a change of Tory rule.
    I would also be more inclined to consider an article if the contributor has the conviction to actually post it with a name.

    1. Joseph Adam-smith

      “Article submitted by reader Robert Owens.” It’s at the bottom.

      So, you want a pragmatic leader? Someone who says one thing but does another in order to get elected? To me, that’s a liar. If he/she cannot convince the voter that the policies are worth voting for, then either the policies are wrong or he/she is not a leader.

      Having said that, read Parliament of Whores. PJ O’Rourke balanced the USA budget. With money to spare (ie tax-cut) Trouble was, as the economist friend who checked the figures stated – on that budget he’d never get elected……

  11. Zongle

    I don’t think Corbyn’s a clown, but as a centrist I am wary of his hard left politics. I haven’t been brainwashed by right wing newspapers I don’t read. I haven’t been brainwashed by articles like this that are posted by Facebook friends either. UKIP and Trump fans try to present opponents of their views as having been brainwashed by the left wing media. They and Corbyn say things a lot of people want to hear, but which don’t stand up to much scrutiny.

    1. Dunnie

      Why do you claim Corbyn is “hard left”? All Corbyn’s policies are social democratic centre left; by European standards they’re the norm. The fact you regard them as “hard left” demonstrates how far to the right the media has dragged political debate. Evidently, you have been “brainwashed” without realizing it.

      1. Tim Gingell

        Great reply – I get fed up with the Hard Leftery assaults on Corbyn, when it seems to me he just wants what a lot of progressive European countries think is normal, and ETHICAL. Brainwashing is a funny concept, as it is not really correct – a friend of mine used to say that people need brainwashing, because their mind is so full of junk! Zongle has demonstrated the subtlety of it all. Once the “hard left” meme gets in, it’s hard to dislodge, if it’s an idea that has been accepted and then installed in the brain as a hard fact. Brainwashing may be required! 😛

  12. Nina

    Disappointing to read some vitriolic comments following N intelligent appeal to people’s consciousness. Vitriol aside, there is total truth in this article – opinions are manipulated and used by the powerful.

  13. Nononono

    On Ed Milliband’s portrayal in the media, the media syndication “interview” below says more about the man and his [pr] machine than a sandwich:

    It’s not unique to him, it just showed he’s no different to any other cynical, manipulative, brazen career politicians that are locked into a Skinnerian lust for votes, caring about the vote mote than the person that casts it.

    Corbin’s definitely not that, but:
    1) I’m not sure I either understand, or buy into his overarching ideology (particularly on economics [*])
    2) The labour party doesn’t even bother in our area. There was no campaign. Last election, a trusted Libdem MP retired, Con campaigned harder than the new Libdem guy and they won. Labour dropped one leaflet in the whole campaign. The Greens out campaigned them here. Labour didn’t present anything compelling in what they did present. I doubt they’ll bother with us next time either!

    To be fair about point 1, is rare the reality of any given politician’s plan or ideology has as much impact as either they, or we believe. Situational factors often play a bigger role than anyone cares to admit. Over the past few cycles, the illusion of control had been pretty strong IMO. Outside factors having more impact on more people than policies (that doesn’t mean other policies coudn’t make a difference, but most have far less effect than the credit or blame they’re given).

    So would I be against a Corbyn government? No. Most likely, it won’t make much difference to my life either way.

    [*] on economics and general public policy, an honest approach to human behaviour, less polluted by contrived leftist or rightist categorisation is what’s needed. Understanding

  14. Notes

    On Ed Milliband’s portrayal in the media, the media syndication “interview” below says more about the man and his [pr] machine than a sandwich:

    It’s not unique to him, it just showed he’s no different to any other cynical, manipulative, brazen career politicians that are locked into a Skinnerian lust for votes, caring about the vote mote than the person that casts it.

    Corbin’s definitely not that, but:
    1) I’m not sure I either understand, or buy into his overarching ideology (particularly on economics [*])
    2) The labour party doesn’t even bother in our area. There was no campaign. Last election, a trusted Libdem MP retired, Con campaigned harder than the new Libdem guy and they won. Labour dropped one leaflet in the whole campaign. The Greens out campaigned them here. Labour didn’t present anything compelling in what they did present. I doubt they’ll bother with us next time either!

    To be fair about point 1, is rare the reality of any given politician’s plan or ideology has as much impact as either they, or we believe. Situational factors often play a bigger role than anyone cares to admit. Over the past few cycles, the illusion of control had been pretty strong IMO. Outside factors having more impact on more people than policies (that doesn’t mean other policies coudn’t make a difference, but most have far less effect than the credit or blame they’re given).

    So would I be against a Corbyn government? No. Most likely, it won’t make much difference to my life either way.

    [*] on economics and general public policy, an honest approach to human behaviour, less polluted by contrived leftist or rightist categorisation is what’s needed. Understanding

  15. "Maybe you've been brainwashed to"

    On Ed Milliband’s portrayal in the media, the media syndication “interview” below says more about the man and his [pr] machine than a sandwich:

    It’s not unique to him, it just showed he’s no different to any other cynical, manipulative, brazen career politicians that are locked into a Skinnerian lust for votes, caring about the vote mote than the person that casts it.

    Corbin’s definitely not that, but:
    1) I’m not sure I either understand, or buy into his overarching ideology (particularly on economics [*])
    2) The labour party doesn’t even bother in our area. There was no campaign. Last election, a trusted Libdem MP retired, Con campaigned harder than the new Libdem guy and they won. Labour dropped one leaflet in the whole campaign. The Greens out campaigned them here. Labour didn’t present anything compelling in what they did present. I doubt they’ll bother with us next time either!

    To be fair about point 1, is rare the reality of any given politician’s plan or ideology has as much impact as either they, or we believe. Situational factors often play a bigger role than anyone cares to admit. Over the past few cycles, the illusion of control had been pretty strong IMO. Outside factors having more impact on more people than policies (that doesn’t mean other policies coudn’t make a difference, but most have far less effect than the credit or blame they’re given).

    So would I be against a Corbyn government? No. Most likely, it won’t make much difference to my life either way.

    [*] on economics and general public policy, an honest approach to human behaviour, less polluted by contrived leftist or rightist categorisation is what’s needed. Understanding

  16. Improver

    I sincerely tried very hard over a long period of time to demonstrate some evidence-based reasoning that Corbin would result in bad outcomes for poor people. Eventually I realised it just wasn’t going to work: corbynism is a theology – not good policy.

  17. Christine

    Well, as someone who still won’t have Sky in the house I really don’t think I’ve been got at by the rightwing press. I think Corbyn is a poor leader who doesn’t seem willing to engage with people who disagree with him . At least some of his difficulties with his shadow cabinet are down to the way he doesn’t engage with them. Admittedly this is the outcome of the years spent disagreeing with Labour policy but he does need to talk to them now, particularly the post-2010 entry who are not Blairites. And he does need to have a strategy for engaging with the media, the press in particular has always attracted Labour leaders – think of Kinnock – so this is not unique to him.

  18. David

    Does anyone else find it ironic that an article suggesting that those who are against JC have been brainwashed meaning that the article would therefore only appeal to strong supports of him?

  19. John M-E

    This is probably the most insulting, patronising and condescending article I have yet read on the Corbyn phenomena. Absolute cobblers. No facts, just badly thought out cod-sociology. Give me strength….

    1. brian jones

      Well said .I’m 67 years of age. labour supporter former trade union activist & am being told the same claptrap I heard from the International Socialists in the early 70s.In fact labour MP Kate Osamar declared herself an international Socialist at the conference earlier….Yet I am being told I don’t rate Corbyn because of tabloid press you say patronising , condescending my view


  20. R Davies

    The measure of Mr Corbyn, an avowed supporter of the Palestinians under the predatory occupation by the Zionists, is how he regards Wales and the Welsh.
    Like the worst Israeli he is incapable of communicating with the indigenous people of Britain in their own language; he is indifferent to the consequences of centuries of occupation; his is ambivalent about the seizure of land in Wales, with the forced evictions, so valleys could be flooded to provide English cities with a steady supply of clean water; the apartheid that denies native Welsh speakers equal rights all over Britain in respect of public services is irrelevant to him.
    So what can we conclude from this? Is he really simply another posh boy pretending to be a socialist while hanging on to all the xenophobia of Anglo-Angevin colonial imperialism? Is he simply a hypocrite? Is he fundamentally a racist who regards the native British as deserving of nothing but contempt?
    Make your own mind up… For my part I learned long ago that the hard left of the Labour Party cherished distant peoples led by the children of the feudal ruling class, who postured as Marxist revolutionaries, while they held in contempt the native Welsh and regarded them as vassals to be exploited.

    1. K. Harrison

      Do you speak Gaelic too? If not, your argument makes no sense. When I first moved to Caer (see what I did!) I looked in the beautiful North Wales area for somewhere to live. It was fairly clear that I wasn’t going to feel comfortable – it didn’t help that the nationalists had taken down loads of road signs or that when I went into a shop or pub the Welsh speakers made it clear I was not welcome. Sorry, but that’s how it felt. Contrast that with going into a pub on the West coast of Scotland where a group of local people were conversing in Gaelic. When we went in they changed to English – not because of some cultural imperialism but just out of good manners – and they chatted with us.
      By the way, I am of Scottish descent so don’t start!
      What the chip on your shoulder has to do with Jeremy Corbyn I’m not sure , but there are many others you could be criticising first.

      1. JennyAnne

        K Harrison, did you then ask their help to say thank you to them in Gaelic for tthe warm welcome? And learn some words to be polite to other Gaelic speakers on your travels as a guest through their home.

        It’s more polite than assuming them polite for switching to English and leaving it there. Bit of manners.

  21. Ian Middleton

    Sorry to rain on this parade but when people did blind policy based voting in the run up to the GE2015 the Green party invariably came out top. They still only got one MP.

    I’m sure Corbyn’s ideas will get similar results, largely because a good deal of them agree with Green Party policies.

    None of that means he can win a GE. Certainly not with the electoral system we have now. A system which he, rather bizarrely, still supports.

  22. Lizzie

    This article has sparked a debate. Perhaps this was really the intention? I do not feel preached to.

    I have read comments with interest and assess them on their evidence, clarity and measured tone. It is a useful addition to the article. Thank you for not censoring. I have found value in seeing the spectrum of responses here.

    Thank you

  23. Stephanie

    Some of us just don’t think he’s done very much. I had so much hope but he’s essentially turned out to be a wet fart.

  24. Rebecca

    Jeremy Corbyn has policies people like, and he is a nice man, he’s just an absolutely crap leader.

    To be a leader you need to be a good orator, Corbyn is not, you need to be strong and passionate, Corbyn is not, you need to look and sound convincing, Corbyn does not.

    It’s all very well him being nice, but in the world of politics, nice doesn’t cut it

  25. Ron

    I partly agree with you on the press attacking Corbyn.. But it’s not just the Right-Wing press.. Read the Mirror and the Guardian, they’re all going after Corbyn with the same shock doctrine.

    There has been research done into this, data acquired from every story reporting on activity involving Jeremy Corbyn from most of the top news media outlets from both sides of the political spectrum have shown a clear bias in stories that have either been inaccurate or just flat out vicious lies towards Corbyn.

    Not suspicion or here-say, the media really does have an agenda against having a non neo-liberal candidate for Prime minster.

  26. Rob Fawcett

    I thought Jeremy Corbyn stood out clearly, in his first leadership campaign, against the other hapless robot candidates. I worried about the team around him, but thought he might personally be brilliant. I sat and waited in front of the TV to watch his acceptance speech, live, anticipating something inspiring but hoping for something better still.
    That speech, live and unedited, did far more than any news story to disillusion me. It was presented in the manner of a regional sub-committee procedural report, and did *nothing* to reach out beyond his core constituency, at exactly the moment he had the spotlight and when observing minds were as open as they were ever going to get. I was really shocked, and remember, at the end, despairingly saying out loud ‘He’s fucked’. And if anything it has been downhill from there. And I am very very angry about it, because there are people suffering and Labour is too busy wanking itself off to do anything about it. Yes, the right wing press are evil shits, yes billionaires look after their own interests and prejudices, but that’s a reason for Labour to appoint a brilliant leader, not a reason to embrace an ineffective one.

  27. Mo

    I don’t think Corbyn is a loser, he had the whole media ranged against him but when he did have the choice he made the wrong decisions. Why choose to fight the tories for a share of the 52% when he had the full 48% a to himself? The lib dems have show what a stupid decision that was. Now the general election has been called and the only way labour has a chance of winning is by taking the whole of the anti brexit vote.

  28. An interesting enough article on what your readership will largely know already. What’s more worrying, is the fact this highlights incompetency within the current Labour Party.

    If Corbyn was dealing with vital constituency matters instead of going to the rugby, why are we finding out now months later from an alternative source website?

    The policy led, new kind of politics is commendable but there really has to be some kind of strategic fight back from those experienced in the media if there’s going to be any chance of success.

    And that’s not a yearning for a return to New Labour spin and sound bites either, but the party really has to up its game beyond well meaning amateurs when it comes to PR.

  29. Voting for the Tories is voting for the working class to take all the problems of brexit whilst the wealthy take any benefits. Corbyn is respecting the democratic will of the referendum and remaining true to the values of the Labour party , i know integrity is not something people are used to these days, but that’s the very definition of integrity. If you want to lose the NHS and risk going bankrupt every time your unwell, if you want your pension to evaporate, if you want to have only yourself to blame for austerity crushing your future, vote tory. If you want a genuine alternative to the savage policies the tories Vote Labour. Remember this isn’t America we don’t vote for individuals in teh U.K we vote for parties.

    1. Wild Bill

      We do vote for individuals actually. our constituency candidates, just not Presidents or Prime Ministers. Very often local MPs have considerable personal support which transcends any Party loyalty. Insofar as we do vote for Parties our perception of a Party is heavily influenced by how we feel about the leader of the Party.

  30. tim

    Anyone who writes articles claiming that people who don’t agree with the products of their marvellous ego must be stupid and brainwashed is playing the same games as Trump and Erdogan.
    As long as people supporting social justice and change sneer and act superior, there will not be social justice and change.

  31. Bunny Daft

    I’m an SNP party member, so I’m well aware that the UK main-stream media spin a pack of lies about any politician they see as threatening to their feudal systems of power and patronage. The BBC especially is a government propaganda machine, spitting out an imagined narrative of the ‘British’ as a cuddly collection of nineteenth century period dramas, and plucky individualist underdogs who win the day for the good hearted urban working class men and women who understand their place. Of course they hate Corbyn!
    This doesn’t mean Corbyn is a good fit as leader of the Labour party, and official Opposition leader of HM Government!
    Why on earth did he just sanction a vote in favour of Teresa May’s unscheduled, unwanted, unplanned election? The one she promised not to hold, that her government passed a law back in the 2010 to avoid, and which will further crush MPs numbers on the progressive left. He could have said ‘now is not the time’, told her to get on with the day job, and forced her to call a vote of no confidence in her own government to push her plan through.
    Is it fear of the main-stream media that drove him to do it? Some kind of weird sense of English ‘fair play’? A suicide complex? Or maybe it’s just that secretly (or not so secretly), all along he’s loved the idea of a Brexit, and can’t hold his nose long enough to put private ideals aside and do his job as Leader of the Opposition?
    He’s contemptible and pathetic. Spineless and weak. It’s his own actions that make me say this, not the MSM whom I equally despise!
    Soon the Labour party will be as dead in England and Wales as they are in Scotland.
    And they 100% have themselves to blame.

  32. Rob

    It has nothing to do with the media. I’ve always thought he’s a loser. He is a loser. He should never have even stood for leader, let alone been elected. Do you think the four fifths of Labour MPs who tried to get rid of him did it just because of the media?

  33. Now I’m never going to vote Tory and never am I going to vote Labour,I think both are part of the Westminster party and tag along Lib-Dems are in the mix as well.I have always believed in Scottish independence and have been at the rough end of the British media for years in the sixties we were laughed at as being insignificant,similar in the seventies although we got 11 MP,s in ’74 that is when we first got promised lots of goodies to help the deficit of what was being taken out of Scotland and the little that was given back.Of course we also started to get the really bad press and oddly enough I think it helped or cause because many people started to wake up to how wrong the press was and still is,maybe we are more politically aware in Scotland because we have been having the brunt of the Fleet Street vile mouth brigade.Corbyn has a chance but while he is anti Scottish independence he wont get many votes from here.I know that Labour can do without the Scottish contingent of Labour MP,s when they got into power.He comes out with stupid comments about Scotland and he speaks from ignorance,these things go against him,when anybody south of the border comes out with the stupid comment about Scotland being unable to afford independence think about this;Scotland is a net exporter of food net 28% goes for excess and into export,England imports around 35% of its food! and energy we have a hydro system that never runs at capacity usually around 20%,oil is a bonus and we are not reliant on it but 100% of oil at $50 a barrel is much better than 8.4% (or less) of oil at $50 a barrel.Scotland is giving huge profits to Westminster and just to give a wee bit proof ask yourself this;”When has a Tory ever subsidised anything for longer than a few months?” or until it came back to profit,and you say in the south that we have been subsidised for years no chance! Now that another Billion Barrels of oil (at least) have been discovered in Scottish waters I cant see them agreeing to us going independent easily might take “civil unrest” for us to win back our independence,another wee point you may not know Scotland was independent for many centuries and independent longer than we have been in this vile union.Scotland is an older country than England,something the Oxbridge historians get ill over.

  34. Trotsky

    This article was written by an idiot.

    We will find out what a loser he is on Election Day.

    Please get over your media conspiracy theory. We do not live in a totalitarian state where people get brainwashed. We live in the UK with the freedom to write and buy whatever we want – including the rubbish in this article.

    The “media moguls” care only about selling more newspapers and adverts. The Sun in Scotland is pro-independence. The Times and Sky News are broadly left of centre. The Sun is populist nationalism.

    If there was a groundswell of readers keen to read about Corbyn the papers would write about him. But he is an irrelevance, so they don’t.

  35. Paul R

    The “press are against him” and “Northern Ireland” are both red herrings. Judge the man on his voting record (and what he has forced others to vote) since becoming leader. Voted for austerity, voted against a debate on renewing trident (then took up the position of president of the CND the next day), and was pretty much absent during the EU referendum. Calls himself a socialist.

  36. Taff

    Of course Corbyn’s an idiot. He has voted against the Labour leadership several hundred times, he has come out against the policy on Brexit negotiations agreed by Labour under his own leadership last year and he held a banner in a protest against his own decision to sack a shadow minister.

  37. Mike

    You may know more about Corbin but in the
    Times he has represented himself he hasn’t been convincing for a labour leader. Like it or not
    A speaker has to have the attributes of a leader.
    =Michael Foot

    Archivists, librarian types unsuitable for leadership positions.

  38. I don’t read newspapers, my house hasn’t had TV in years. I don’t read the paper online, i read manifestos put forward by the politicians themselves, the manifestos that are published are the blue print the party follows if them win. But a friend posted this link and i was offended enough to read it, because i know from His own writing, NOT a newspapers interpretation of his writing, NOT a TV channels cut from an interview but from his own work from manifestos, to press releases, He is an idiot, as is the writer of this article. That in mind PM May is also quite mad and Nigel farage is at very least evil. Just because you believe you have found a connection between media bias and a certain politician it really doesn’t give you the right to call the people who don’t like him idiots… Its amazing how many people have “woken up” to media bias and are screaming about it like they are the new messiah, a decade ago i looked at 2 papers saw how differently they reported the same thing and went i’m done. I stopped buying papers and disconnected the TV and quietly got on with my life, do those of us who really can tell what media bias looks like a favour and pipe down and show each other some respect. Watching people on the left saying the people on the right are brainwashed, and people on the right saying the people on the left are brainwashed… If your screaming brainwashed, you were most likely brainwashed to say it! What exactly were your sources to create this article? Was it per chance another media outlet?

  39. Thomas

    lol what a load of pro biased crap. Corbyn is a racist uneducated full of prejudice moron and a bigot, that does not represent anything the UK values and stands for. Corbyn belongs in a mad house or a nursing home rather than in the parliament

  40. Mahir

    Many of the comments bear out the contributor’s argument about brainwashing.
    Would like to point out, meanwhile, that although Rupert Murdoch is Australian-born and owns most of the print media in Australia – a country he recently visited to help get rid of its insufficiently right-wing PM – he is actually a US citizen and lives in America.

  41. Nathan Redshield

    Glad I don’t live in Britain so I have no risk of that blathering idiot’s becoming President of the US. But I dare not set foot anywhere in the Commonwealth. So you say a bunch of off-shore billionnaires control the British Press? The Daily Mail of late has been turning pro-Progressive and except for Piers Morgan is against Trump adn has deleted any post I make saying that Jeremy Corbyn is in any way shape or form someone who should NOT become a government minister let alone PM. So here are my questions:

    Jeremy Corbyn is:

    A) A Total Raving Looney frequently mistaken for a homeless politician.
    B) More Leftist than Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Obama, and Hillary all rolled into one and baked in a
    Dutch oven on the stove at a low heat all night.
    C) The Svengali operating as such to Diane Abbott’s Trilby such as to destroy Abbott’s career chances of
    becoming the first Black Female PM.
    D) The Murderer of Simon the Giant Bunny in 2017 (by proxy; Labour operatives stole Simon from United
    Airlines during the 2017 election to use as a campaign prop to counter the “smell my Spaniel” gambit
    of the Liberal Democrats (or whatever they called themselves); Simon was “offed” when the “Pat My
    Bunny” gambit of Labour laid an egg).
    E) A bumbling ineffectual politician with the personality and judgement of a dead grey squirrel.
    F) All of the Above.
    G) And then some….

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