Think Corbyn is a ‘danger to Britain’? Here’s how you’ve been brainwashed

If you still think Jeremy Corbyn is a ‘danger’ to Britain, a ‘traitor’, or just a total clown, it could be too late for you – you’ve been brainwashed by a handful of foreign billionaires.

That’s what I wrote more than two years ago in an article about the continual smearing of Jeremy Corbyn in the press. It turns out things haven’t got better; it’s worse than we imagined.

At the time, the article pointed out that whilst newspapers play a crucial role in British democracy, it is troubling that the majority (around 80 per cent) of the UK press is owned by a handful of (predominantly foreign) right-wing billionaires.

Last week The London Economic revealed an even more sinister picture, with revelations that around £2 million public money was funnelled to a charity in Scotland which posted disparaging stories against Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour figures.

It should be extremely disturbing to everyone that a ruling Government is using Public funds and official resources for party political purposes. This is the sort of thing we’re told happens in rogue states and banana republics, not here in Great Blighty.

In addition to this, The London Economic today reported news that one of Britain’s leading barristers has claimed he has evidence of BBC bias against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Jolyon Maugham QC, director of the Good Law Project alleges that the BBC has indulged in showing “coded negative imagery” of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn since his election in 2015.

Make up your own mind

The Conservative Party is in chaos. Whilst the ruling party’s mismanagement and in-fighting is creating one constitutional crisis after another, poverty is increasing, services are failing, and debt is rising.  But with such a weak and incompetent Government in power, why are there those still those supporting it?

Here’s why…

They’ve already told you what to think on a multitude of issues. You think you made up your own mind, and you think you’re right. But, you didn’t, and you aren’t.

How do I know this? Because blind policy based voting results (whereby voters tick the policies they agree with, without knowing which party they were voting for overall) are always radically different to the actual vote result when it comes to general elections and other major political votes.

Had all votes in previous elections been cast on policy pledges alone, studies suggest the Green Party and Liberal Democrats would have both had a turn at power by now.

What this means is that people generally have a different perspective when presented with policy pledges, yet vote in a completely different direction. Why? Because these chaps’ media outlets are bombarding your brain with high level right-wing propaganda:

  • Lord Rothermere, a billionaire living in France, owns the Mail, Mail on Sunday, and the Metro.
  • Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire US citizen, owns the Sun, Sun on Sunday and is the man behind Fox News, BSkyB, News Corp, etc, etc.
  • Alexander and Evgeny (son) Lebedev, an Ex KGB Russian Billionaire, owns The Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Evening Standard.
  • Richard Desmond, a billionaire, did own the Daily Star, Sunday Star, Daily Express, Sunday Express. Now owned by Reach (previously known as Trinity Mirror).
  • David and Frederick Barclay, billionaire brothers living on a private island near Saark, own the Telegraph, The Spectator, and the Business.

The Sun, for example, claim to have backed the winner of each general election since the notorious Sun headline, ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ referring to the 1992 John Major Tory victory.

The tabloid had led an increasingly personal campaign against the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock, culminating in the famous election day headline: “If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights.”

The same campaign is running against Jeremy Corbyn right here, right now.

Is Corbyn the man of integrity we hear about from his constituents, or the national traitor that we hear about in the press? 

Think Corbyn is an unelectable loser? Apart from what you’ve read in your daily newspaper, how much do you really know about him?

Corbyn is a phenomenally hard working MP who passionately fights to protect the poor and vulnerable, seeks to protect the NHS, wants to nationalise natural monopolies and take back publicly financed utilities that were sold off to investors at a pittance, aims to stem the flow of capital from the poor to the rich, and campaigns tirelessly to seek diplomacy over war.

However, what is perhaps most threatening of all to the overseas billionaires is that Corbyn wants to stop corporate tax breaks, close down overseas tax avoidance, and stamp out wage inequality. This makes him hugely unpopular with the wealthy elite.

OK, maybe you do know a bit about Corbyn, but still dismiss his credentials out of hand. Sadly, it may be too late for you. The handful of right-wing media moguls running the bulk of the UK press have planted a seed, the roots of which have now grown deep within your subconscious, telling you that Corbyn is ‘dangerous for Britain’, just like Kinnock was.

Of course Corbyn isn’t perfect, I for one have my own reservations (his impotence over the EU referendum has deeply disappointed), but all I ask is that you look past the newspaper and media smear – some of which has been funded using taxpayer’s money. Our national newspapers are full of stories ridiculing Corbyn, smearing him, or even worse, not featuring him at all.

Socialism is a bad word… but the UK invented it (NHS, public services, National Insurance, etc)

Why does Corbyn get such bad press? Because he represents the biggest threat to the right wing ideology and stability of the super rich – the same people who own our national media.

One of the best tricks of the press is convincing people that a Corbyn Government would result in Britain becoming some sort of Communist State (like failing Venezuela), which of course is utter rubbish.

A little less neo-capitalism (i.e. clamp down on those extorting us) and a little more socialism (i.e. sort out the NHS and our public transport), is all that most people ask. Yet, the national press has brainwashed the public that ‘socialism is bad’.

In case you didn’t know, we don’t need to be one way or the other – we can find the right balance – which we certainly don’t have at the moment with a Tory Government that is actively closing hospitals and reducing our police force amid a rising population. It doesn’t make sense.

You may not agree with all or any of Corbyn’s policies, but it should trouble you that newspapers exercise power and influence in a number of ways. It is not just that they have a giant megaphone letting them dominate the public debate/thought. They have privileged access to politicians (just check out Rupert Murdoch’s wedding guest list) and have the ability to effectively set the political agenda.

However, none of the newspapers have privileged access to Jeremy Corbyn. Love him or loathe him, he’s the modern equivalent to the un-bribable Chicago cops who took down Al Capone. An untouchable politician. But, what use is a left leaning politician to a right-wing media mogul billionaire if he won’t even get into bed with him?

Think about this…

A perfect example of how the right-wing press paints a dire picture of Corbyn was reflected in news rooms when the Labour leader turned down tickets to the opening game of the Rugby World Cup in 2015. The press slaughtered him. As did a number of high profile MPs.

The press claimed he had ‘snubbed’ the invite to the opening ceremony. Boris Jonhson was quoted saying “This is turning into a national joke…Come on Jezza: Scrum down for England.”

What wasn’t widely reported was that Corbyn had prior commitments, ‘scrumming down’ to meet with his constituents, the people he was elected to represent and serve.

He sat down for a private meeting with one of his homeless constituents to listen to her issues, as well as a full to the brim waiting room of others who had turned up to his weekly constituency meeting.

Whilst other politicians were quaffing down the free hospitality in the premier VIP seats, Corbyn was doing what the public elected him, and pay him to do.

Make up your own mind

The public has been crying out for a politician who isn’t part of the Bullingdon Club or Etonian alumni elite. Someone who stands up for their principles and isn’t a media lap dog. But, it seems those very characteristics could be Corbyn’s undoing unless the public take a closer look and shake off the propaganda shackles.

I’m not here to tell you which way you vote, just to acknowledge the media we digest on a daily basis. Remember to ask yourself the question; Have I really made up my own mind?

Article by guest contributor Robert Owens.

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39 Responses

  1. George Peel

    One small – but important – correction, the Express stable of newspapers are,now, owned by Reach – what used to be Trinity Mirror.

    i’m, still, waiting for a change in editorial policy. Perhaps, there has been and I missed it. The Express and it’s stable-mates isn’t and never was, a go to source of news, for me.

    1. Melanie

      Yes he is a danger to Britain, because he could actually do Britain a lot of good and the other parties don’t want that. They wanna keep the British citizens feeling oppressed and resentful, keeping their pockets lined, and keeping people distracted with issues that the government creates and allows to get publicity so they don’t notice the more shocking things that they’re up to.

    2. Seán McGouran

      If a resurrected Daily Herald or Sunday Citizen were smeared by ‘Fleet Street’ as Communist, why would that matter? Why are Brit Labourites such sensitive plants? Irish Republicans know the importance of a Republican press – and they get shot at on a regular basis. And the Brit Communist Party issues a – highly readable – daily paper.


    I think I also must have missed any change, however I am still not passed only glancing at the headlines . The Express became a no go area for me over thirty years ago.

  3. Maurice Kyle

    An excellent article. The newspapers have always vilified Labour leaders, Corbyn more than any before. The difference now is that the BBc and other broadcast media look to the redtops for their cue as to what the top ‘stories’ are. And news and current affairs is no longer to inform, but to entertain….

  4. Brian Smith

    Sky no longer owned by Murdoch
    Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast-owned Sky, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor.[6] Griffith acts as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Managing Director for the commercial businesses division.

    1. Alan Bond

      As he has American citizenship, it’s about time he was made persona non grata in the UK – we need him like we need a hole in the head.

      1. Bob Southall

        The reason many ‘public services’ like railways, postal and communication and many others were privatised was because they were too expensive to maintain under overnment control, . If you remember the crap rubbish service of them they were way behind the same services in continental countries. If Cornyn thinks he can take them back into public ownership and make them pay, he is off his trolley.

  5. Adam Grace

    Corbyn is that rare creature in politics — an honest man. During the great expenses scandal, when half our MPs were shown to be fiddling their expenses, it emerged that his annual claim was lowest of all. He lives in a modest terrace house and runs an allotment. It is easy to understand why in a society devoted to greed and mendacity the ruling class are desperate to discredit him.

    1. Andrew Markham

      Could you reference Jeremy Corbyn´s lowest claim please? Since 2010 when IPSA took control of MPs expenses his claims have not been especially low. Thank you.

  6. Giblets O'Malley

    You do talk some utter bollocks. I thought I’d seen it all until I read The London Economic. You are the biggest pile of poo on the market currently, short of the Daily Mail, and that takes some doing. Please do yourselves a favour, remove your heads from your arses and re-read some of the shit you actually write. Corbyn is basically as red as Putin, and it wouldn’t surprise me to discover he could probably speak Russian. The man is an IRA sympathiser and a complete cunt. I wouldn’t put him in charge of the rota for my local nursery school’s wendy house, let alone an entire country. Unless it was Russia. He’d fit right in there.

    1. Bassman.

      Giblets, go on then, provide some proof of your claims. Oh, you won’t be able to. You are the right wing media’s wet dream reader. Congratulations, you totally prove this article’s point, 100%.

      1. Gerry

        Giblets is correct Corbyn is an IRA sympathiser I have photographs of him with the IRA smiling his measly little head off, he is a trouble maker someone will do the right thing and bop him off. Even the dog crap in the street looks better than him. He is an utter gobshite of the second class.

    2. Alec

      So, no logical rebuttals, just name calling and the ridiculous statement that Putin is somehow a commie. You do know Russia is not the Soviet Union, right?

  7. Les Robinson

    Nice article but unfortunately you don’t need to grease too many palms to find evidence of Diane Abbott’s racism, hypocrisy and stupidity. If you require proof, examples abound on the Internet.

    Likewise the quality of people Corbyn is prepared to meet and publicly support, from Hamas to the IRA, again you don’t need to do too much research to uncover his anti-British stance.

    Like lots of hard working taxpayers I also wasn’t too impressed when he openly stated we should take in thousands of Immigrants currently infesting the Calais area, only an idiot would fail to recognise if you welcomed those in, a week later, an even greater number would be trying gate crash the UK..
    No, the one thing you CAN be sure about with Corbyn, is he has nothing but contempt for the very people who would have to fund all his socialist pipe dreams.
    The British Taxpayer.

    1. Alec

      Ahh the great British Taxpayer, happy for their money to be wasted on wars that create immigration problems, but not on solutions to stop this mess. Happy for their taxes to fund the rich even more, but not the ordinary people of this country. Socialist pipedreams? You mean using money to help people, what a crazy notion that is!

  8. Marcus DeMarcus

    Facts are facts, Corbyn is a Traitor to The UK, As well as inviting 2 Convicted PIRA Terrorists to Westminster a fortnight after the Brighton Bombing he was consistently in league with Sinn Fein and PIRA, Corbyn attended Commemorations for Dead PIRA Criminals the most famous being one for the Loughgall Terrorists, He shared a platform with Gerry Adams and other Army Council Members that day…….He REFUSED outright to condemn IRA Bombings on the Stephen Nolan Radio Show but went on to say he would condemn the shootings by The British Army on Bloody Sunday……so he will condemn The British Army by name but not the IRA……The only people being brainwashed is the idiots believing this article.

    1. M Freeman

      What he ACTUALLY said was that both were as bad as each other! Daily Mail et al snipped the sound bite to where he only criticised the army. The NI situation was only resolved by getting BOTH sides to the table. You can’t do that without meeting the other side and, you know, talking to them?

  9. Dave

    I guess the nership of the 4th estate is one reason for reading Lord Gnomes mighty Organ ie Private Eye, its just as likely to have a go at Corbyn as well as May

  10. Anton Green

    A fair and balanced appraisal. One point that needsexpansion is the brief reference to him working tirelessly for peace. It is a continuing mantyra of the UK press that jeremy is in colusion with terrorists because of his wish to develop the northern ireland peace process of entering preliminary dialogue with such as Hamas who operate dually as a political entity whilst utilising resistance including some acts described as “terrorist” (a word which needs very careful definition) This needs treating more fully in the appraisal.

  11. Arampatzi, A

    The title of this article is terrible, who will ever click on an article and admit they have been brainwashed. Think about your audience and who you are trying to convince

  12. Charlie M

    As a former Etonian who has never voted Tory in his entire life, it saddens me how my former school’s former attendees have become a trademark for elitist rule for the benefit of “the few”.
    After nearly ten years of this, our national bodies such as the NHS are being hamstrung and sabotaged by Tory policies.
    The sooner that the Tories are removed, the better. We *need* someone of Jeremy Corbyn’s stature to rescue us from the mess that they have left us.
    I also believe that the press has had, over the years, a disproportionate influence on General Election result, and I would propose that a new law should be brought in whereby, as soon as an election is announced, the press are forbidden from making political comment. This may seem a frightening suggestion, but we have had a free press for years … and all that the press have done is to abuse that freedom.

  13. Mister K

    for those of us who have not been brainwashed, at what stage does jc acknowledge that winning a general election is likely out of his reach in the current climate, and that hew would serve the party (and therefore the country) better if he ceded labour leadership to someone else (who the electorate is not brainwashed against)?

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