The savage Brexit letter that doesn’t pull any punches

During the past two and a half years, the Brexit vote has driven a wedge through British society. The divide has been felt in families across the nation. Many dinner tables around the UK have noted generational differences in opinion.

With a no-deal scenario looking ever more likely, this week a British daughter has had enough and has written this astonishing letter to her mother about Brexit. It doesn’t pull any punches and she has allowed me to share it here…


Dear Mum –

Congratulations to you (and the rest of the Daily Mail readership) for taking back control.

What you’ve actually done, without realising it, is condemn my entire generation (and your grandchildren) to more austerity, uncertainty, and less opportunity.

Brexit hasn’t happened yet. But, you should know it has already hit my family hard due to two years (and counting) of stagnation, pay cuts, a weak pound, and rising prices. Oh, and the billions upon billions lost in foreign investment.

I noticed that your copy of the Sunday Express still insists there is an ongoing ‘Brexit boom’. Believe me, there isn’t.  Open your eyes and look around.

Whilst we get poorer, you’ve allowed wealthy corporations and individuals to duck the EU’s clampdown on tax dodgers. Multinational companies love using and exploiting the infrastructure we pay for, but they don’t seem to like contributing to it. Thanks to you, they can continue doing that unchecked.

Whilst the Daily Mail would have you believe that immigrants cost the country millions, it has been established that most immigrants are net contributors to the economy. Even so, whilst benefit cheats (domestic and foreign) cost the UK £1.3bn per year, Tax avoidance is estimated to cost the UK £120bn per year.

Most people on benefits (even the cheats), happen to spend their money in the local community. Wealthy tax dodgers don’t – they hide it offshore where it benefits nobody. Tax evasion and avoidance is why we don’t have investment in schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

Believe me, Billionaires, including the Daily Mail’s foreign owners, are very, very, happy about Brexit.

Did you know that you’ve also played into Putin’s hands? Russia’s strategy to destabilise and weaken Europe is why he backed (through direct funding and fake propaganda) Scottish Independence, Catalan Independence, and… you guessed it, Brexit. Divide and conquer. Classic.

Those ‘Leave Mean Leave’ Facebook groups you browse through each day are full of Russian and EDL generated material aiming to stoke your fear, anger and blame. It has worked.

You’ve put ‘Great Britain’ in danger of breaking up. Seriously. The Irish boarder issue threatens hard fought peace. Scotland overwhelmingly wants to remain in the EU, and Gibraltar is in a mess.

Apart from weakening our country, you’ve weakened our closest neighbours, diminishing our ability to stand up to the US, Russia, and China.

It looks increasingly like the rights and benefits of our citizens living, working and travelling in Europe will be eroded. And you’ve jeopardised trade with our largest partner – which makes no sense at all.

Did you consider that proposed trade deals with the US, like TTIP, will result in corporations being more powerful than our Government? US companies would be able to sue our Government for loss of earnings if we ban goods that are damaging to our environment or ourselves. That really sounds like taking back control!

Whilst you complain about EU regulation (without being able to name a single law you’d like to revoke), these laws are the very things that protect us from meat pumped with steroids, chlorinated chicken, or flammable baby clothes.

Your champions, the Brexiteer MPs who broke electoral law and lied through their teeth, have now crawled under their rocks. Still complaining loudly from the shadows, but as usual, unable to come up with any form of viable plan that isn’t pure fantasy and will not ruin the lives of millions, and result in a Brexodus of industry and services.

You actually implored me to vote leave because ‘things were better when you were young’. I guess everything was better in the 60s, right? Apart from healthcare, education, mortality rates, individual wealth, living standards, etc, etc.

I get it. The world has changed, and it’s scary. There are staggeringly more people living the on the planet, and people can move around easier than ever before. Leaving the EU isn’t going to fix that. Working together to improve technology, health, wealth and education is how we are going to fix things.

You laugh and despair at Trump supporters, and the ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign, and you don’t see the irony.

You were sold a narrative of ‘taking back control’, of ‘unelected Brussels bureaucrats controlling us from afar’, of patriotism and nationalism. You’ve been misled with false and provocative information.

Of course the EU isn’t a perfect Union and faces many challenges, but I wish you had studied it independently, rather than being drip-fed years of anti-EU BS from the hate-filled, agenda driven rags you call newspapers.

Well, I hope it’s all going to be worth it to ‘take back control’ (or, to send the immigrants home [we both know that’s what it was really about, mum]).

Your loving but extremely angry, frustrated and poorer Daughter!



[Author’s note: Please note that the author of the letter, whilst happy for us to share her sentiment, has asked us to withhold her real name for fear of unwanted attention directed to her or her mum. The image is a stock image and is not a photo of her mother]

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39 Responses

    1. Soph

      Does it matter if it’s genuine? t’s an opinion piece with a sentiment that is being echoed throughout the millennial and igen generations.

    2. Adrian Flynn

      I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s those were the beginnings of longer life, better education and living standards. And, with ups and downs included improved all those things. I grew up with imperial (daft system) and learned metric one year before my 11 plus (and still passed) .

      so no, things weren’t better in those respects in the 60’s.

      And now I’m in Europe and intend to stay there. Have been for 35 years and wasn’t allowed to vote in Brexit as 2 million others from Britain were denied voting rights. And THAT has disturbed the lives of all of us.

      Just a couple of points: No free borders means that the majority of imports of fresh food and energy , both of which Britain CAN’T produce in the necessary quantities, mean fresh food from abroad and in Britain will become more expensive, as will energy, and fresh food from Estonia, for example, when it takes 48-72 hours going over borders and customs as opposed to the maximum of 24 hours atm, won’t be fresh . Not only that, goods that Britain exports will be taxed higher and take longer to deliver and be more expensive to make. So Britons will be poorer and have less varied diets. Prices spiral up, choice and quality spiral down.

      You do the math. No way I’m returning to Britain. It’s sinking under the weight of ignorance lying politicians.

    3. Laura

      It would have been better if she had used “I” messages in her letter, which are about how “she” feels about Brexit and it’s supporters, rather than constantly using “you” messages that blame and shame rather than educate. What she said could be right or partly wrong but by blaming her mother and other Brexit supporters, she weakens her argument substantially.

  1. Andrew G Hodgson

    Looks like some plagiarised homework with some added mistakes. “Irish BOARDER” Malta is an independent country and has had leadership roles in the EU. Maybe they mean Gibraltar? Click Bait.

    1. Carol Bullard

      Where did you see Malta mentioned in the piece? I saw Gibraltar, which will indeed be in as bad a position as the Irish border if the Customs Union problem is not solved. There are three alternatives, none of which will be acceptable to either the Republic or the British Government. So welcome to the sinking ship. Rees-Mogg is shifting his financial affairs to southern Ireland, Nigel Lawson has applied for French citizenship, and Farage has applied (and been rejected) for German citizenship. All eminent Brexiteers,

  2. Frank

    Where’s the evidence that Putin supported Scottish Independence? Or is this yet another “well known truth” which has no basis in fact. Similarly I’m asking for the Catalan Independence evidence of support which Putin has provided by Direct Funding and Fake propaganda.

    Scots have been seeking independence for years – if not centuries (and of course many of the nation hated the act of union) Catalan Independence is of a similar long standing nature.

    Of course the real point of the letter above is of no value unless there is a second referendum to overturn the frankly idiotic shambles of Brexit – and will it convince anyone of anything?

    The issue we have these days is folks posting their thoughts and name calling on the internet – when its clear no mater what is said the Brexiteers don’t care what you call them or their (lack of) plans.

    If everyone REALLY doesn’t want Brexit took the streets to march and demonstrate in every part of the country every weekend or every night, we might get some real pressure to save this mess. Twitter posts and facebook stories don’t do squat – if East Germans had tweeted and bloged instead of their peaceful demonstrations/walks every night the wall wouldn’t have come done – not one brick.

    Action is needed not emails and letters to complain in the hope someone else will solve your problems. There is is no higher authority in the UK who will do that .

  3. James Dallas

    Just a shame about the ‘Scots Independence’ ambition being somehow a bad thing. Brexit is unarguably mostly England voting to be worse off than they were. Putin is nothing to do with our aim of running our own country. You want independent journalism but not independent Scotland? Report facts not the propaganda you claim to abhor.

    1. domhnall dods

      well said, Putin came out and opposed independence after David Cameron lobbied him to do so – same as he did with Obama etc

  4. Right on.

    “Most people on benefits (even the cheats), happen to spend their money in the local community. Wealthy tax dodgers don’t – they hide it offshore where it benefits nobody.”

    Exactly. Income “benefits” are a govt subsidy to local businesses, disguised as charity for the poor. It is a way for the government to stimulate economic activity. Without housing benefit, many rented properties would be empty and house prices would be plummeting while homelessness got very much worse. Housing benefit is a subsidy to landlords.

    However, we should be clear that the remaining in the EU is only our least worst option. There are many problems with fundamental design of it and how it works in practice.

  5. Mike Beard

    My guess is that if David Cameron – remember him? – had asked if 2+2=5 the overall answer would have been “Yes”. It was not about leaving the EU but telling the Westminster “elite” that they have not listened to the people for many years and have consistantly ridden roughshod over their wishes. The Westminster elite are still not listening.

  6. Clare

    What a great letter! It says everything I feel too. Brexit has already affected my family in a number of ways, all bad. I am still waiting to hear any evidence that life will be better, in any way post Brexit.

  7. elisabeth

    I agree with this article totally even though she doesn’t mention the rumour that this will be turned into a tax haven by May and her greedy government. Nor that the housing market isn’t moving due to the high taxes government has loaded onto those of us who need to sell and those of us who need to buy. If I were a violent person I’d say the people who forced Brexit onto us by all sorts of dirty tricks ought to be shot. I hope they get their deserts! And yes I’m sick of those who send their money to tax havens, to those who let corporations grow larger and more powerful than the state without paying taxes and let the banks pay their debts and ride roughshod over us. Brits are far too peaceful and submissive. It’s gotten so bad here we almost need a revolution to get rid of corrupt officials, government and everything else. I’ve lived here since 1967 and it’s never been worse than it is now. And what about pollution. We can’t breathe. Now they’ve added fracking to our problems which will pollute our water sources and so on. Fuck all those who dropped us in this mess.

  8. Ian

    If the EU was the way to `clamp down on tax dodgers` why has it not done so? The EU was formed in 1951, before I was born, as far as I can see the tax dodgers are still there.

    Whilst I agree with some of your points much of this letter has been written from a place of fear of the unknown which seems to have driven you to blame your mother. I feel sorry for her as I expect her opinion is as much justified as yours.

    It is not Brexit that is driving a wedge between us but ourselves with our dogmatic opinions.

    1. Lynda

      The new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive comes into force early 2019. Hence the reason May was pushed by the interested parties to instruct Article 50 so early, and without any plan, so the UK would be a shelter for those that want to hide from this legislation.

    2. David D.

      Yes, as Lynda has said tax dodging wasn’t an “issue” in the 1950s, 60s or 70s. In 2013 it was announced that the EU were going to enact a tax avoidance directive sometime in 2019, and then in 2016 more details emerged on this – hence David Cameron hurriedly arranging a date for the referendum. He crucially – maybe due to a vested interest on a personal level – did not mention this very important tax-avoidance thing in his government “pro-remain” leaflet.

  9. Jon

    I’m a Remainer, but filling the letter with “believe me” pleas and snarky comments like “Classic.” do not make for a compelling argument.
    I’m behind the sentiment but letters like this need to be more carefully worded to avoid having the reader just dig their feet in.

    1. Dan Dare

      Basically Jon you’re trying to be sympathetic as she’s a bedfellow, but are secretly cringing at her guesses, dubious factoids, patronising manner, and, my favourite, accusing her mum of being misled by false information when hers is about as legit as Denis (call me) MacShane’s expenses sheet.

  10. Casm

    Am getting sick and tired of being blamed for Brexit just because of my age. I am over 60 and voted to REMAIN. And quite frankly, I do not believe that letter is true. Everybody, whether they voted to leave or remain, should be furious at the way we have ALL been lied to, how we have been manipulated by self interest on the part of the politicians who campaigned to leave and by the fake news on social media by anonymous organisations funded by cynical vested interests, both here and abroad. And angry too, at the arrogance of the government in their attitude towards Europe.

  11. Carol Bullard

    It is a letter aimed her mother (and poor deluded people like her). It is not a piece of clever, sophisticated journalism, nor is meant to be. I think the level is just right for Sun/Daily Mail readers.

    1. Nicholas Hathaway

      Well that is just the sort of patronising attitude which is isolating the 2nd referendum remain argument people from those of us who voted leave. You do not know why we voted leave (certainly not on immigration in my case) & you are not better than us.

      1. Fagel Nirage

        So why did you vote leave Nicholas? Just interested, because nobody yet (with the exception of the pure xenophobes) has been able to give me a reasonable answer to a fairly simple question that hasn’t relied on a mythical interpretation of the machinations of the EU.

        Ta very much, love and kisses, Fagel Nirage.

    2. Dan Dare

      Carol, what bit of “snarky” didn’t you get when you decided to “put the record straight” with your “illuminated” reply?

  12. Simon Tucker

    My 85 year old mother voted Remain. It is not all elderly Mums and Dads who are to blame. You can blame the venal idiocy of Cameron in allowing this in the first place, scared of losing an election; his failure to allow 16 year-olds the right to vote on their future; the lies and corruption of Vote Leave; the inadequacy of the Remain campaign: Jeremy Corbyn, ambivalent re the EU, did more Remain campaigning than Alan Johnson, tasked with running Labour’s Remain campaign; and all those 18- to 24 year-olds who could not be bothered to vote to protect their futures.

    Still, only a banana monarchy would allow the result of an advisory referendum to stand in the face of proven criminality by Vote Leave.

  13. Dan Dare

    Just found this site from an interesting “diabetes scientist sells company” article and got very excited about the blurb asking for support against the MSM stranglehold full of “biased and agenda driven” media run by a handful of billionaires. Was contemplating a donation then saw this article in the main subject matter of the site, like its an important “go-to”. A biased, agenda driven [not to mention sickeningly patronising, immature and blinkered] letter supporting a cabal of billionaires. Whoops! I’m of to get my zimmer frame, now I’m in my 40s I’ll surely need one, its a wonder I remember where my house is, being over 30 and decrepit. Don’t expect to be taken seriously giving silly misinformed girls platforms for the twatterati, the Flynch Mob @ Twitter are as big a danger to independent thought as Fox and CNN.

  14. Helen

    It’s the same letter I’d write to my own mother if only she’d read it. But she’d rather read the Daily Mail, and she thinks it’s about time this generation had some of the suffering her own generation went through. That’s genuine. We don’t talk about Brexit because I’m too angry at her attitude.

  15. Steerpike

    More Bremoaner misleading propaganda, this time wearing an inter-generational hate costume.

    Plenty of facts to disprove this unsubstantiated cliched rant, for example, billionaire Julian Dunkerton just donated £1m to the Bremoaner”s “Peoples Vote” campaign, UK growth is up, more people are employed than ever before, and billions of EU Euros continue to be wasted on inefficient French farmers and tax dodgers and corruption in Greece, Spain, and Italy et al.

  16. Sarah Smith
    News reporter
    Sarah Elizabeth Smith is a Scottish radio and television news reporter with the BBC. She holds the post of Scotland Editor, having joined the BBC in Spring 2014 for the run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum on 18 September 2014.

  17. Paul Wilson

    Putin certainly did not back Scottish independence what a load of rot considering the powers that stacked up against the Yes campaign the author of this letter has a bit of a cheek not one paper, the BBC and ITV and the likes of Barak Obama and other foreign leaders were drafted in by the unionists funny how you don’t like it when it is done to you. I as a Scot was one of the many 68% actually whom voted remain but are being dragged out against our will. I will though be campaigning in any other E.U. vote to leave and urge many of my fellow Scots to do like wise Oh the irony if just enough of us switch and end up keeping England out of the E.U then we shall see how you feel. The only time that Scots votes count is when they vote the same way as England if not well England doesn’t care. So hell mend you!

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