Reasons to be optimistic about Brexit

So today is the day Theresa May fritters our future away, the jesters will sing. What seemed like a triumphant independence day back in June has become a running joke ever since, and those who championed it are the ones left sporting cap n’ bells carrying a mock sceptre. Onwards and downwards chaps, onwards and downwards.

Despite half of the country voting to remain and only a slightly more (proportionally) opting to leave we are being asked to unite as a country and face a referendum that a) should never have been allowed to happen in the first place and b) was littered with enough lies and fabrications to render it redundant.

What on the surface looks to be the biggest own goal a country has ever scored in political history is about to unfold in front of our eyes, and we should, kindly, support the process for the good of the country.

In that spirit we at TLE have put together a list of reasons to be optimistic about Brexit. There was a lot of head scratching, but here it is – 30 reasons why Brexit is a “good thing”.

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    1. Richard Cross

      Really? Is that the best you can do? You have entirely missed the fact that if Brexit is a success, Theresa gets to keep her job – the one which is being lent to her right now by the tabloids after they deposed Dave.

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