Jacob Rees-Mogg: Dangerous extremist or political correctness gone mad?

For all the hype Moggmania has garnered over the past few weeks it is perhaps surprising, given the political climate, how little of it revolved around his political stance.

For most people Jacob Rees-Mogg did the thing that few other politicians dare do – he gave an honest account of himself and openly spoke his mind.

Forget all the spin and the censored views that have become a key part of the Westminster machine over the years. Rees-Mogg was happy to let Ali G take aim at his posh, Conservative background and was willing to post the most unfiltered Instagram photos on the network.

He is honest, straight-talking, and one of a dying breed in the Houses of Parliament.

So perhaps it should have come as no surprise that the MP for North East Somerset gave a truthful account of his views on abortion and same sex relationships in a Good Morning Britain interview yesterday morning.

His views, that he is opposed to gay marriage and is not afraid to say it and that abortion is wrong in any scenario including rape or incest, stem from his support of the teachings of the Catholic church who are quite clear on the matters. So why are we criticising a devout Catholic for being open and honest about his beliefs?

Well, the reality is that in this day and age they are extremist views, and they have no place in the political arena.

Imagine, as many people have pointed out, if Sadiq Khan spoke out about the same issues in Muslim doctrine. He would be shot down – probably by the same columnists who have come out defending Rees-Mogg today – for being an extremist misogynist with homophobic views.

Is that political correctness gone mad?

Plus, in a position of power where he can make decisions over women’s bodies, his views aren’t an eccentric throwback but dangerous.

His voting record proves what he’s capable of. He voted against installing smoke detectors in rented accommodation, he voted against abortion but also voted to limit benefits to the two first born children in low income households. He supported the removal of The Independent Living Fund which provided support for the most severely disabled while voting to save those earning over £150,000 from having to pay any extra tax.

The reality is that although Jacob Rees-Mogg may have been propelled into the public eye thanks to his likeability and soft-touch honesty, on paper his views should be enough to permanently guard the position of PM from ever being within his grasp.

That being said, Donald Trump is the current President of the last remaining superpower in the world and Britain voted to leave the European Union largely on the back of misguided, populist beliefs. So who knows what will happen.


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