Conservatives use refugees as political pawns ahead of crucial Brexit period

The Conservatives have been accused of framing a migrant crisis in order to “whip up fear” before the Brexit vote after Sajid Javid declared a “major incident” in response to a handful of small channel crossings this Christmas.

The Home Secretary was said to have borrowed moves straight from Donald Trump’s playbook as news cameras turned their attention to the desperate struggles of refugees in order to create the illusion of an emergency situation.

“Make no mistake”, Labour MP David Lammy said, “this is not in response to genuine concern for human life. This is Sajid Javid imitating Donald Trump’s “migrant caravan” manufactured emergency to whip up fear before the Brexit vote. Desperate and cynical.”

Javid cut short his family holiday in order to deal with a new wave of migrant boats making the perilous trip across the channel.

On Christmas day more than 40 people in five separate incidents tried to cross from France, with nine people detained on Boxing Day and up to eight spotted by ferries the following day.

He said it was “vital we strike a balance between protecting them and protecting our borders”, adding that he wanted to avoid encouraging more people to take the risk and make the journey to the UK in this way.

But there has been a backlash to the response on social media, with many commentators pointing out that the response is similar to that of Donald Trump’s migrant caravan that became a focal talking point ahead of the US midterms.

Liam Young said “94 people desperately attempting to cross the channel into the 5th richest nation of nearly 70 million people – who refuse to help them – is not a migrant crisis. It’s a moral one.”

And Ian Birrell added: “There are 3.6m Syrians in Turkey. More than 1m refugees in Uganda. About 14,000 migrants arrived in one day in Munich alone. Britain calls 33 people arriving by boats in 3 days a ‘crisis’. This is risible & politically irresponsible”.

The Washington Post noted that before the midterms Trump harped on constantly about the migrant caravan, yet since then he hasn’t brought it up.

One wonders whether Javid will be so vocal about the situation once the crucial Brexit votes have played out.


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    My thoughts entirely, and if anyone thinks he would sacrifice his holiday for the sake of half a dozen Iranians in a dinghy, when, not so long ago, we had 33,000 migrants sitting in detention centres for an unspecified and unjustified incarceration, then frankly, they’re deluded.

    This is Theresa May et al AGAIN trying to whip up public ‘outrage’ because of the ‘terrible’ lack of security that EU membership engenders (they say), all of course, as a precursor to the Brexit vote this coming week and the likelihood that her suggested exit strategy will sink faster than a brick end in a cesspit. We then default (again according to the wicked witch of the West) to a ‘no deal’ Brexit as the only way to escape the horrors of EU membership.

    I wonder when she discovered this new-found eagerness to be rid of Brussels when she was an ardent campaigner for ‘Remain’ two years ago – almost certainly when she realised that the paymaster of the Tory Party have constructed Brexit to create a personal tax haven in the face of a clear indication that the EU are about to make their financial affairs significantly more fruitful (for the EU) and significantly more painful (for them). It was OK to shout about the benefits of the EU before, but now she’s charged with ensuring the well-being of the billionaires who keep the Tory Party afloat, we’re hearing a totally different song.

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