Brexit leaders prove that the campaign to leave the EU was entirely driven by self-interests

It was with a dismissive sweep that Nigel Farage mentioned that he would just leave Britain if Brexit was a disaster.

Speaking on his LBC show the outspoken campaigner claimed he never “promised that it would be a huge success”, just that “we will be self-governing”.

“That’s the point”, he said. “I never said it would be a beneficial thing to leave and everyone would be better off”.

He did say those things, on numerous occasions, but what his comments confirm is that regardless of the success or failure of Brexit, he will be alright.

He will still be “widely consulted” for his views on international political issues and populist revolts against the political establishment.

And people will continue to attend his overseas speaking engagements because Brexit delivered for Farage all that it was intended to; a bombshell moment to underscore his political credentials.

As far as that one man was concerned, it was a success.

Most other figures involved in the campaign to divorce Britain from the European Union have little to worry about either.

Former Vote Leave chairman Nigel Lawson has already applied for his carte de sejour in France, a document that secures his rights to remain in Gascony post-Brexit.

And Jacob Rees-Mogg is in line for a huge personal windfall when Britain exits the single market thanks to a large stake in an emerging markets investment firm.

John Redwood also has his finances in order, advising investors to avoid Britain as the country’s economy “hits the brakes”.

That’s despite promising that the “economic gains of leaving the EU will be considerable” before the referendum.

It all goes to show that regardless of how Brexit pans out, those who led the campaign are shielded from its repercussions, whereas most of those who voted for it are not.

It’s a scary precedent to think that those who made the promises have no exposure to the consequences when they don’t get delivered.

They could just have promised anything.

And they probably did.

File photo of Boris Johnson making his Vote Leave speech in Preston, Lancs., along with Michael Gove and Priti Patel as they bring their Brexit roadshow to the Lancashire city. 1 June 2016. The bus used in the Vote Leave campaign has now been bought by Greenpeace.


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8 Responses

    1. James Daniels

      It was fortunate for them that their self interests just happened to coincide with those of a majority of the voting electorate, and unfortunate for the “remainers” that their self interests were in conflict with those of a majority of the voting public.

  1. Rhiannon Daniel

    If you have a masters in journalism, why do you just run thinkpieces? If you don’t know what that means, I do wonder what you learned in your ‘masters’. There are no attributable quotes from the three politicians themselves to you, in the above piece, and while I agree with the angle, and that all three are as described, personally, it’s still not balanced. Journalism isn’t the same thing as political propaganda. If you want money for your site, make it look like a proper newspaper, with all the rules and ethics that some of us used to have back in the day when we saw journalism as a method of campaigning against rights and wrongs, but also consisting of legwork, making real contacts, balance and fairness, and attributable interviews. Until online ‘reporters’ start abiding by the rules of real journalism which applied to quality reporting back when I was a journalist, they will have no more credibility that the printmedia rags.

    1. Chris Bovey

      Quality journalism … lol you must be bloody old. Sounds more like you are a bitterBrexit voter who doesn’t like the fact Brexit is turning out to be a complete disaster and don’t like the truth being said. I saw the LBC clip where Farage actually said that and it’s not been denied that the hypocrite Nigel Lawson has applied for French residency.

  2. Pete Powell

    It’s a shame the media is mainly owned by organisations who want to brainwash people into their political ideals, than what has really happened. They want to protect the interests of few at the top, and keep people dumbed down. That’s why we can’t read hardly any news stories online without a sidebar saying to admire attention seeking schemes of talentless celebs.
    If media care about reminding people what really happened, then people would remember how after Margaret Thatcher made rest of Europe hate us before, she virtually turned us into USA state, and whistle blower David Shayler told how they were supporting USA fund Al Qaeda against Gaddafi. People should remember how after they left us with economy based on not much more than banking closely linked to USA system which relies on everybody being in debt, it all crashed by early 90s when nobody could pay back the debts they’re encouraged to live on, giving them excuse to not put money into what services they hadn’t stolen and sold off to make them worst in Europe.
    People wouldn’t think Nigel Farage has the best interests of British people just because UK is in UKIP, when he’s an ex banker who pays his foreign wife on tax payers expenses and was found to be hiding money in foreign tax havens.
    Somebody would ask people to look at USA section in supermarket, and see EU compliant labels over original USA ones, to see as they don’t have to label as much in USA then the food is more likely to contain junk. Reese’s Pieces alone contain GM ingredients and colourings which cause hyperactivity in children.
    People would remember how anti EU politicians are the biggest idiots and liars. Such as Boris Johnson saying on a TV show that there wasn’t a vote on 2nd war against Iraq, when we wouldn’t have gone to war 2nd time if more Tories hadn’t voted yes to it than other parties. Or how Michael Gove said Labour were liars for saying he would take away EMA, but then he did take away EMA. Or how Iain Duncan Smith spoke in favour of leaving the EU, and he harmed more British people than the EU could ever do.

  3. Pete Powell

    Why do people think anti EU Tories and the Thatcherite ex Tories in UKIP want to leave EU for good of most people, when all their previous actions have only been to protect the upper classes and their corporate donors? If you look at the evidence, it would show they only want to leave because EU is in the way of them mistreating most people. Last time Thatcher made rest of Europe hate us, because EU was saying companies have to label genetically modified ingredients or workers should have enough breaks, the whistle blower David Shayler told how Tories were helping USA fund Al Qaeda against Gaddafi. It isn’t coincidence that since Gaddafi tourists were shot in neighbouring country, and Tunisia is no go zone for tourists. Yet anti EU politicians manage to appeal to EDL types who think Europe is a Muslim country in the middle east. But we have had more Muslim immigration because of the British Commonwealth. Nigel Lawson is promoting leaving the EU, and he helped cause the late 80s recession. Despite Tories destroying lives and society, making millions unemployed, lying ship building would go over to third world countries when it’s now in rich countries such as Japan and Scandinavia, then making those people suffer more for being unemployed or only having low paid employment, such as making 18 year old in bedsit pay same Poll Tax as a Lord in a manor. Constant VAT increases, selling off public owned energy to foreign companies, selling off social housing without using money to build more. Leaving us economy based on banking closely linked to USA. By late 80s it all crashed when many couldn’t pay back the debts they were encouraged to live on, giving them excuse to not put money in what services were left making them worst in Europe. Then when Labour reformed House of Lords, Tories tried to vote against it, as wanted the upper classes to be entitled to be paid for doing nothing with expenses, and around the same time they tried to vote against a minimum wage. As for Boris Johnson, the media made a fuss because he said a stupid thing on a TV show about Germany never using chemical weapons in wars, in his bid to arm extremists in Syria against Assad, yet the media didn’t say anything when he said on the same show that there wasn’t a vote on 2nd war against Iraq, but we wouldn’t have gone to war 2nd time if more Tories hadn’t voted yes to it than other parties. He either doesn’t know what his own party did, or it was experiment to see if all the media is Tory propaganda. Ever since Murdoch turned against Labour because he was jealous his wife fancied Tony Blair, even Labour supporters repeat Tory propaganda

  4. You are a disgrace to journalism. You have no source of your claims about those people. You say there is propaganda on the right wing, yet look what your own journalism is… you are a peddler of fake news. Disgraceful. Boycotted.

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