Brexit is the biggest “f*ck off” to business in political history

EU diplomats displayed shock following Boris Johnson’s ‘four-letter reply’ to business over Brexit fears, but the Foreign Secretary is being as honest as he’s been to date.

Johnson and fellow Cabinet minister Jeremy Hunt came under attack for rounding on businesses which warn of the dangers of a hard Brexit.

Airbus joined a host of multinational corporations issuing warnings over an economic fallout following the UK’s divorce with the EU.

Hunt had said that the company’s warnings had been “inappropriate”, while Johnson was revealed last week to have said “f*ck business” when asked about their worries over customs.

But Brexit is the biggest fuck off to business in political history.

It is cutting off Britain’s biggest trading partner and replacing it with half-hearted promises of piecemeal deals in far-flung countries elsewhere in the world.

It is saying goodbye to free trade with 27 developed and affluent EU member countries that are on our doorstep and taking a punt on developing nations and trade clusters elsewhere, who have zero obligation and probably a lukewarm attitude to striking new partnerships.

It is saying goodbye to the UK as a hub for transatlantic business.

It is saying goodbye to supply chains, to a strong currency, to labour access and to foreign direct investment.

So Johnson is right. Fuck business is what we voted for.

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