Boris has been allowed to escape with his head held high

Boris Johnson walks away from Theresa May’s government with his head held high today after been given the freedom to decide his own destiny.

The outspoken politician has survived numerous sackable offences during his tenure on the front bench and is yet another Brexiter to walk away from a mess they created.

Owen Jones noted on Twitter shortly after the announcement that “the fact Boris Johnson resigned rather than being sacked for his rampant disloyalty and his repeated outrageous comments shows what an embarrassing sham of a government this really is”.

Chuka Umunna added that “he ran a disgusting referendum campaign, was an atrocious joke of a Foreign Secretary and resigns leaving a trail of chaos and an unholy mess he played a huge part in creating. Glad to see the back of his time in office”.

Johnson walked today after he said defending Theresa May’s Brexit plan is like ‘polishing a turd’.

As David Schneider notes, it wasn’t a lone statement. Johnson has brought shame on the government for:

  • Joking about dead Libyans
  • Causing a British citizen in an Iranian jail to suffer a worse fate
  • Heathrow third runway
  • Lying about Porton Down results on Novichok
  • Comparing the EU to Nazis
  • Quoting an offernsive poem about the Empire in Myanmar
  • Repeatedly lied about post-Brexit money for the NHS
  • Constant undermining and betrayal of the Prime Minister.

It is indeed quite astonishing that the reason for his eventual departure was the threat of being upstaged by David Davis. But these are the times we are living in.


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