Yellow vests list child abuse, homelessness and wrongful arrests among things they “stand for” in botched flyer

UK yellow vest protesters listed child abuse, homelessness and wrongful arrests among the things they “stand for” in a botched flyer distributed ahead of this weekend’s march.

In an attempt to imitate French protests crowds of activists donning high-visibility jackets took to the streets of central London this weekend to march against government cuts, among other things.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity descended on London to make their message heard, but a botched flyer distributed by the group beforehand showed some of the things they “stand for” might not be so popular.

A leaflet, entitled “UK Yellow Vests and What we Stand For”, was given out near Downing Street ahead of the march, but included issues such as “abuse of children in the system”, “pensioners living in poverty”, “rape” and “murder of our children” among the things they stand for.

The leaflet has already made the rounds on Twitter, garnering thousands of re-tweets since it was first posted.

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