World’s Largest Wind Farm to be Built off Yorkshire Coast

The World’s largest windfarm is to be built off the Yorkshire coast after the government gave the go-ahead for the project in Hornsea.

In what Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark dubbed “as a marker of the UK’s status as a global leader in offshore wind”, the windfarm will consist of 300 turbines that will have the capability of generating enough electricity to power 1.8 million homes.

He said: “The [UK’s] industry has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last few years, and is a fundamental part of our plans to build a clean, affordable, secure energy system.

“Britain is a global leader in offshore wind, and we’re determined to be one of the leading destinations for investment in renewable energy, which means jobs and economic growth right across the country.”

The news comes just days after Scotland produced enough wind energy to power the entire country for the day, with the new renewables project putting wind in the sails of climate change campaigners.

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett said: “This is excellent news. Offshore wind is a fast-growing source of green energy, and one which the UK should be tapping into much more.

“As it becomes increasingly clear that Hinkley Point C is a white elephant which will not meet the UK’s energy needs, the government must instead direct resources to renewable sources like wind, the price of which is falling rapidly while the cost of building new nuclear facilities mounts.”

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