WikiLeaks gave Donald Trump Jr advice during US election – and it’s been leaked

A series of Twitter messages between WikiLeaks and the President’s son during the period before and just after the US election has been leaked.

The correspondence had been turned over to a congressional investigation into Russian interference in the US election – with WikiLeaks suspected of having been a conduit.

And it makes embarrassing reading for WikiLeaks perhaps more than Trump Junior, as WikiLeaks which prides itself on being a transparency organisation attempts to help the Trump campaign spin against their opponents.

  • WikiLeaks ask Donald Jr to leak his father’s tax returns to them so that they don’t appear biased during their mass publication of waves of hacked Democrat emails
  • advise Donald Trump Sr not to concede if he loses the election, but to say it was rigged
  • ask if Donald Trump could promote them and the Democrat leaks on Twitter
  • ask if President Trump would ask Australia to make Julian Assange an ambassador.

After the messages were leaked to The Atlantic, Donald Trump Junior published them himself to downplay their significance:

Many were quick to point out the irony of Donald Junior’s complaining about leaks…

And how Donald Trump Sr parroted WikiLeaks’ words:



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