Watch Welsh woman tell Hillary Clinton “Bernie would have won” as she collects Swansea University honour

Hillary Clinton in Wales to receive an Honorary Doctorate by Swansea University was told today “Bernie would have won,” by a local woman.

Watch the footage below as the ex Democrat Presidential candidate left the Swansea University campus where she had just been given the honour on a meet and greet, but turned and darted back inside as one of the protestors who had also gathered outside told her that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump in the Presidential race last year.

As Clinton turned away Kirsty Lloyd a Swansea student protesting the honour being conferred added: “only you could lose to Trump.”

Welsh woman meets Hillary Clinton. Tells her 'Bernie would have won' and 'Only you could lose to Trump'#HillaryClinton #donaldtrump #berniesanders #swansea

Posted by Nye Bevan News on Saturday, 14 October 2017

After the former presidential candidate who has been touring the world with her new book What Happened outlining her reasons for losing the US election had darted back into the campus building, Kirsty Lloyd told The London Economic why she was protesting.

“She lost,” said the Welsh Biochemistry student. “Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Saunders of his nomination. And all those drone strikes that killed women and children which are illegal contradict the reason she is being given a doctorate – which is for doing things for women and children all over the world. The main thing she’s done for women and children is kill them drone strikes.”

The local reaction to Swansea University’s decision to give Clinton an honorary doctorate has been mixed to say the least.

Many voiced their opinions about aspects of Hillary Clinton’s record on Swansea University’s social media.

Hillary Clinton was booed and jeered among the cheers as she arrived today.

“The award is in recognition of her commitment to promoting the rights of families and children around the world, a commitment that is shared by Swansea University’s Observatory on the Human Rights of Children and Young People,” the University had announced.

The 69-year-old former lawyer has Welsh ancestry and gave a speech about children and human rights as well as unveiling a commemorative stone to mark the renaming of Swansea’s College of Law to the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

In her speech Hillary Clinton told the audience “Wales has a special place in my heart due to my family’s connections to it.”

Her great-great grandfather, Edwin Howell, is believed to have worked in Swansea’s metal industry for five years in the 1870s.

Vice-chancellor of Swansea University, Professor Richard B. Davies, said: “We are honoured to present this award to Hillary Rodham Clinton, a figure of enormous international significance, and one synonymous with human rights.”

By Benjamin Jenkins



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24 Responses

  1. Mark McCarty

    So one of the world’s leading war criminals – who played a key role in fomenting carnage and destruction in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, in illegal wars justified by lies – is given an award for her contribution to “human rights”. Has Tony Blair already been given one?

    1. A name

      She also funded the civil war in Ukraine with her “modernisation” and had a key figure assassinated then let Nuland-Pyatt take the fall, that shit is still going on to this day civilians were killed preventing them from voting to be a part of Russia, a Neo Fascist organisation similar to the brownshirts was also formed.

    1. Todd Bridges

      Bernie or Bust was never a threat, it was a warning. You chose to ignore it. You chose to support the DNC and a corrupt candidacy that tried in a thousand different ways to rig the Democratic primary because deep down they knew that Clinton would otherwise lose. Bernie wuld have won.

    2. Erin

      It’s exactly that attitude that will give Trump a second term. Maybe you should stop alienating the voters and listen for a change.

      1. Monty

        Trump will win a second term because the DNC refuses to change. We vote for Sanders because he pushed for OUR policy goals. He’s with us, we are not with him. All the democrats have to do to win is do the same thing. Work for us and we vote for you. Work for banks and corporate donors, we don’t. It’s that simple.

    3. Lars

      Hitch, another dumb ass hillbot who believes every lie that the wench spews! Every so called conspiracy theory has been proven against her, maybe the tarmac investigation will finally drive a stake into the blood sucking Clinton’s. It is no surprise that this obscure university would sell a degree!

      1. DH

        If every conspiracy theory against her has been proven, where are the charges, let alone the convictions? If you have the proof, perhaps you had better present it to the prosecutors in relevant jurisdictions.

        1. Gigi Yee

          That’s the sad thing. The MSM will suppress any negative news regarding Hillary. No matter what, they, the MSM, have been bought and paid for by the deep state elities. Just look at the news now about Uranium One deal. All the independent news stations are reporting it as well as Fox News. The rest of the MSM, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, NYT etc have all ignored this huge scandal. In addition, every eye witness that was going to testify against her, ended up dead….”supposedly suicide”. Right now she has over 100 strange death associated with her in one way or another. You need to do your research.

  2. I’m truly sorry for that Welsh college! She deserves only a jail cell! Resist my Welsh brothers and sister and relatives! Rename the college The Bernie Sanders School Of Law For Lawyers who don’t break the laws!

  3. EJG

    Clinton is a skank and a criminal, not worthy of any awards. Bernie WOULD HAVE easily won. The people did not want a cheating criminal who ran a crooked campaign that used voting machine to flip votes for Sanders and give them to her or the suppression of those who were likely Bernie supporters and changing rules in the middle of the primary to benefit Clinton. She wasn’t fit to run the country, she is a warmongering monster and has no morals. So Glad she lost, I also hate Trump but she is even worse then him. He is an ignorant buffoon but she is smarter and sneakier and a lot more evil.

  4. rosehouse

    The world is no moral, first after the cheating and so much corruptions during her political career for the past three decades, she has got away for the frauds that she has done and not to mention her policies have killed so many women and children in both Sudan and ME and S. America. Now she was rewarded by Swansea university, also Columbia U also invited her to be a professor there. Where is the moral, the two University have lost the world’s respect. Are the administration of these two elite University turned their blind eyes to her corruption. I need the explanation for the reason why a corrupt politician like HRC can be rewarded. Are the Universities send a message to the corrupt politicians as long as you are a woman you can get away from the frauds?

  5. Manny Jenkins

    If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts. Bernie lost the primary in every concievable way. He lost early losing Nevada by 5 points and South Carolina by 50 points. That is not hyperbole that is exactly how much he lost. Then he went on to lose every state but Vermont in super Tuesday. That put him behind by 2.5 million votes. He would lose 33 states and win 22 (DC USVI and PR etc are counted as states). He NEVER won the African American vote in any state. He only won Latinos in one state and lost them by 30 points. He lost Union household consistently. The only demographic Sanders won was millennials and they vote so infrequently, Bernie even lost more OPEn primaries than he won. This is the reality of the vote. And before the Welsh screamed look a the email. How does the DNC email written in May about how much they hated him prove they caused him to lose in March–when he fell behind by 2.5 million votes. Being Welsh citizens you are probably unaware the DNC does not run the state primaries, Governors do. The DNC runs Caucues. Bernie won the Caucuses and lost the primaries. He won the election the DNC runs and lost the ones they don’t.

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