Robert de Niro says fuck Trump

Watch: Robert de Niro’s censored blast at Donald Trump gets standing ovation

Last night social media was ablaze with speculation about what Robert de Niro may have said to get bleeped out at the live broadcast of the Tony Awards.

At America’s glitzy theatre awards the movie star took to the stage to introduce a performance by rocker Bruce Springsteen.

When the veteran actor reached his microphone he announced: “I’m going to say one thing” but it was censored, leaving many commentators scratching their heads.

Robert de Niro says fuck Trump

However it was not long before what de Niro had said to receive a rapturous 30 second standing ovation emerged.

After a weekend in which divisive Donald Trump had fallen out with America’s key allies at the G7 Summit, the movie star who has made no secret of his disgust for the divisive President of the United States, had the showbiz stars gathered in rapturous laughter and applause by saying: “I’m going to say one thing: Fuck Trump.”

Robert de Niro’s Tony Awards comment about Trump uncensored

Robert de Niro's live comments about Donald Trump at the Tony Awards were bleeped out – so we found you an uncensored recording that slipped out (warning NSFW) – share if you agree with the sentiment – before this gets removed!

Posted by USE This on Monday, 11 June 2018

Then, in case anyone was in any doubt, he added: “It’s no longer Down With Trump, it’s Fuck Trump.”

Previously Robert de Niro has hit out at Donald Trump’s racially divisive policies and called his administration a “tragic, dumbass comedy.”

The Hollywood star was not the only one to mock the US President this weekend.

After Trump had attacked the US’ G7 allies in a series of angry tweets, threatened to take the world into a trade war with tariffs and insisted that the US would be supporting the costs of maintaining NATO less, the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator asked what exactly does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump:






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