VIDEO – Obama’s hilarious spoof retirement video

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

The US President may be aiming for a job in comedy when he leaves the oval office.

He is without doubt a funny man and has now poked fun at himself in a spoof retirement film clip, even though he doesn’t stand down for another eight whole months.

Obama serves his nation until next January, however the race to choose the Republican and Democratic candidates mean the President is in wind down mode.

The video shows the leader of the free world trying to pick the right shades for his look with Vice President Joe Biden and he returns to the Department of Motor Vehicles to retake his driving test.

There’s a joke at the long-running conspiracy theory over where he was born, which led the President to publish his birth certificate in 2011. An official at the DMV doesn’t believe his ID is real.

Eventually the President settles on his favourite pastime – playing golf every day for a whole year.

Watch Video Here

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