Burkini ban in Cannes over fears of links to terrorism

In a move that will shock many as the Mayor of Cannes, on the south coast of France, has decided to ban “burkinis.”

The all-body swimwear are used predominantly by Muslim women to protect their modesty in line with their religious beliefs.

The Mayor cited public order issues, for bringing in the ban, which would see people wearing the swimsuit fined almost 40 euros (£33). Before they are slapped with the fine, they will be asked to change their clothing or leave the beach area.

Currently nobody have been charged with this offence since the ruling came in, over a week ago.

The mayor, David Lisnard, said that burkini’s are a “symbol of Islamic extremism,” which was his reasoning behind the decision. He also thinks that they are could spark violent incidents, due to the religious nature of the clothing.

France has been blighted with a huge number of terror attacks, including the recent truck attack in Nice, just along the coast and many people in France have demanded that the Government act against potential terrorist.

It is unclear whether this swimwear issue will reduce terror attacks linked to Islamic extremism it may exacerbate problems between the Muslim community and the general population.

Previously France banned the Burka in 2011 and was the first country in Europe to make the decision.

Mr Lisnard added: “I simply forbid a uniform that is the symbol of Islamic extremism. We live in a common public space, there are rules to follow. ”

Human rights groups plan to appeal the ruling, they believe it is an example of Islamophobia and could be unconstitutional.

France prides itself on being a secular country, but the balance between religion and the state has been strained after the terror attacks.

The country is still on high alert and chances of another attack are likely, armed police have been patrolling beach areas in France, to protect sunbathers, from any potential attacks.

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