Workers Paid £678 A Year To Slag Off Their Boss

The average worker is paid £678 a year to slag off their boss, according to new research.

According to a poll of 2,000 office workers Brits spend more than six working days a year moaning about management, with six in ten admitting to regularly laying in to them during lunchbreaks, on social media and even while sat at their desk. This adds up to a total of an hour and five minutes of each working week spent grumbling about their boss – the equivalent of almost six-and-a-half working days each year.

More than one in ten works email their fellow colleagues to lament their employer, with one in twenty letting off steam on their social media profile. Less than three in ten save their complaints for their break time.

A spokesman for UK-based recruitment company RSG, which commissioned the research, said: “Most people will have the occasional moan and groan about work, but it’s staggering to see just how long these little moans amount to over a longer period of time.

“No-one expects you to be happy at work every single second of every day, but getting stuck in a cycle of endless moaning can quickly bring your mood down. Even sitting next to someone who is regularly complaining about your manager can affect your own mood, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

“We spend a lot of our time at work so if you aren’t happy about something, it’s important to deal with it in the right way to try and rectify it. But it’s also important for employers to make sure their workforce is happy – happy workers are likely to be far more productive than those who spend their days needing to let off steam.”

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