Woman accused of being member of banned neo Nazi group ‘won beauty contest called Miss Hitler’

A woman accused of being a member of National Action won a beauty contest set up by the banned neo-Nazi terrorist group called MISS HITLER, a court heard.

Alice Cutter, 22, billed herself “Buchenwald Princess” – after the German concentration camp where thousands of Jews were slaughtered during the Second World War.

She had entered the competition in a bid to recruit more members to the extremist group and “raise the profile” of National Action, jurors were told.

A court heard that it was “no coincidence” that her fiancé Mark Jones, 24, had been pictured doing a Nazi salute in an execution room at the camp just a month earlier.

The engaged couple have gone on trial accused of being members of the banned far-right organisation, which was proscribed in December 2016.


They deny the charges alongside co-defendants Garry Jack, 23, and Connor Scothern, 18, at Birmingham Crown Court.

Opening the case, prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC said: “Terror comes in many different forms.

“None, perhaps, more chilling than the particular brand of terror the four accused were seeking to spread.

“The terror of the gun, the terror of the knife, the terror of the noose,the terror of the explosive, the terror of the gas chamber.

“The terror of an ideology so warped, so extreme and so twisted, its continued existence will be shocking to many of you, if not all.

“It is the terror of pathological racial prejudice. It is the terror of society lacerated by division. It is the terror of ethnic cleaning.

“It is the terror of life without mercy. It is the terror of violent dictatorship. It is the terror neo-Nazi white supremacy.

“It is, above all, the terror of hate.

“This case is about a fellowship of hate. A hate so fanatical and a fellowship so defiant that the accused would sooner break the law than break their bonds of hate.

“This case is about a tiny, self-selecting group of young people in this country, for whom Hitler’s work will always be unfinished.

“A group for whom the Final Solution to the Jewish question, to use Hitler’s words, remains to be answered by complete eradication.

“We are talking about a group seeking to mimic Hitler’s ‘Sturmabteilung’ or storm detachment – the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi party.

“The Crown should make it clear at this early stage that this case, involving as it does Nazi fanatics, will by its nature lead you, the jury, into a world as dark as a black sun.

“The words ‘black sun’ are chosen for a reason. Why will become clear in due course.

“It is a world that will transport the court back to the horrors of Nazi Germany: the concentration camps, the gas chambers, the mass executions, the crematoria and the Satanic chimneys.”

The court heard how Jones had travelled with a fellow member of the group to the Buchenwald concentration camp where he posed for a photo doing a Nazi salute.

The image later appeared on the National Action website with the caption “Oy vey. Such horrors. Dem bois were recently on tour in Germania”.

Mr Jameson added: “It shows the faces, deliberately blurred, of two men in an empty room giving the Nazi salute.

“The men were in the execution room of Buchenwald, a Nazi concentration camp that stood out, even by the standards of Nazi concentration camps, for its depravity.

“Like Auschwitz, Buchenwald is a permanent museum to honour the victims and remind the world of the horrors perpetrated in the name of Nazism.

“There expression ‘Oy vey’ was deliberate. It is Yiddish indicating dismay or grief.”

Mr Jameson told the court how Jones and Cutter were to later become an item after she appeared in Miss Hitler 2016.

Cutter put herself forward for the competition via the VK online network the week after Jo Cox MP was murdered by a far right extremist.

The contest was organised by the far right organisation National Action, which was banned the same year after members celebrated the killing of Ms Cox.

She wore a National Action face-mask in her profile photo and called for women to “step up and be lionesses” and “rip apart the hyenas laughing at us”.

Mr Jameson added: “On 24th June 2016 National Action staged, if you can believe this, a beauty contest titled Miss Hitler 2016.

“This was, no doubt a publicity stunt to raise the group’s profile and attract more members.

“Amusing to a teenage schoolboy, perhaps, until you look at the detail.

“Alice Cutter entered and I think won the competition as ‘Buchenwald Princess’ and set out her mission statement in a detailed interview.

“It is anything but funny.

“The name ‘Buchenwald Princess’ was perhaps no co-incidence given that Jones had visited the execution room at Buchenwald the previous month and Jones and Cutter became an item.”

Mr Jameson read out an excerpt of the answers she gave in an interview for the contest, in which she said: “It’s so important to me that there’s a balance of feminine to masculine in the movement.

“Without feminine involvement, what would a movement be?

“A sad sausage fest with no appeal?

“Women are the most important figures when it comes to teaching and raising the next generation to be strong and proud.

“Nurturing is not a weak role, it is essential.

“I don’t want this horrendous cycle of sanctioning the demise of our own race for the benefit of others to continue due to women falling victim to cultural Marxist propaganda.

“We need to step up, be the lionesses we ought to be and rip apart the hyenas laughing at us as we get raped, beaten, brainwashed and de-feminised en masse.

“Hyenas have no place in our pride and they never will.”

The court also heard Jones was arrested at a white supremacist event in Swansea in March, 2016, and fined for throwing a flare in the street

The four defendants are charged with membership of the group between December 17, 2016 and September 5, 2017 after it was banned by then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Cutter, of Halifax, West Yorks., and Scothern, of Nottingham, remain on bail, while Jones, of Halifax, and Jack, of Shard End, Birmingham, are in custody.

They deny the charges and the trial continues.

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