‘Why don’t you resign?’ May heckled during speech

After a disastorous night at the polls the Prime Minister faced a heckler as she was about to make a speech.

She was shouted at by a member of the audience as she began her speech to Welsh Conservatives. He could be heard saying  “Why don’t you resign? We don’t want you.”

Some of delegates at the Welsh Conservative Conference at Llangollen Pavilion clapped and chanted “out”, in an apparent call for the heckler to be removed, rather than the PM to leave her post.

Responding to the heckler the Prime Minister started her speech in Welsh, saying: “Good afternoon”, which prompted a round of applause.

Then, in English, she said: “It’s great to be back in North Wales again.”

Conservative councillors and MPs have called for Theresa May to step down after the party lost nearly 500 seats.

The Conservative group leader, Tony Berry, said it was a “very unusual set of circumstances” due to Brexit and “professional politicians who are basically working for themselves rather than necessarily what is best for the country”.

He said to the PM: “I would ask her to consider her position very carefully.”

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