“What is Brexit” still the most commonly searched Google query

Almost 10,000 Brits Google “what is Brexit” every month, according to new research.

Despite the UK’s departure from the European Union being imminent a study into common search queries found 9,900 Brits per month still don’t know what it is.

“What does Brexit mean”, “will Brexit happen” and “Brexit pros and cons” were also among the most frequent Google searches, with over three times as many people questioning a “hard Brexit” than a “soft Brexit”.

Reboot Online also discovered practical information such as passports, immigration rules and free movement were popular questions.

On average, 880 people per month want to know more about EU citizens’ and their rights in the UK after Brexit, while as many as 480 people per month are questioning whether they should buy a house before or after Brexit.

Shai Aharony, managing director of Reboot Online, said: “Analysing Brexit search terms was an extremely interesting exercise.

“One that brought to light what many already believe: British people are lost when it comes to Brexit. The sheer fact that 9,900 Britons search “What is Brexit” every single month is worrying enough, but, as many as 1,900 people a month are still weighing up the pros and cons. 590 people a month are even questioning “Who voted for Brexit”, presenting the theory, a large majority of the UK are unclear as to why Brexit is happening.

“This coupled with the fact that 1,300 people will search “Can Brexit be stopped” on a monthly basis, shows that even people with a basic awareness of Brexit don’t necessarily think it should go ahead, which is an even more worrying thought. It’s certainly a monumental moment in British politics but only time will tell if the British public fully understands its magnitude.”

The Things Britons Still Question About Brexit     Search Volume
What is Brexit 9,900
Brexit vote 8,100
Brexit bill 6,600
Brexit date 4,400
What is the Brexit deal 3,600
What does Brexit mean 2,900
Will Brexit happen 2,900
British passports after Brexit 2,400
What is hard Brexit 2,400
Brexit backstop 1,900
Brexit house prices 1,900
Brexit immigration 1,900
Brexit Northern Ireland 1,900
Brexit pros and cons 1,900
Gibraltar Brexit 1,900
Immigration rules after Brexit 1,900
No deal Brexit 1,600
Can Brexit be stopped 1,300
Free movement Brexit 1,300
Backstop Brexit meaning 1,000
Brexit definition 1,000
Brexit impact 1,000
When was Brexit 1,000
When will Brexit happen 1,000
EU citizens’ rights in UK after Brexit 880
How many people voted for Brexit 880
Brexit economic impact 720
House price predictions post Brexit 720
Houses prices after Brexit 720
What is soft Brexit 720
Brexit impact on business 590
Brexit trade deals 590
Brexit trigger 590
Who voted for Brexit 590
Define Brexit 480
GDPR Brexit 480
Brexit deal deadline 480
No deal Brexit consequences 480
Reasons for Brexit 480
Should I buy a house before or after Brexit 480
What date is Brexit 480
What does Brexit stand for 480
What does hard Brexit mean 480
What is happening with Brexit 480
What is the Brexit backstop 480
When did Brexit happen 480
Why did people vote for Brexit 480
Will Brexit be stopped 480


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