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What If Donald Trump Is Just An Elaborate Prank?

By Charles Hibbert

A video has been posted online suggesting that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is all just an elaborate prank.

A YouTube channel called Cracked who post humorous daily videos about topics going on in America made the video.

With 1,275,163 subscribers on their YouTube channel, it is not surprising that the entertaining video has currently been viewed 594,460 times.

Daniel O’Brien and Adam Ganser made the video that addresses all the flaws in Trump’s campaign by implying that Trump’s comments on Women and Muslims were staged.

The video clearly mocks Trump’s entire campaign, highlighting how outrageous it would be if he actually got elected President.

The online video has clearly been quite popular with many viewers and subscribers of Cracked taking to social media discussing about the video, while adding how they hope Trump won’t be President.

Meanwhile others have expressed their concern if the shock happened and Trump becomes President.

It is no secret that Trump has had more than a few outrageous moments in his campaign, with some very offensive quotes.

But many have taken his campaign and turned it into hilarious online videos mocking some of his remarks.

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