‘What have I done to my country?’ Leave voter breaks into tears as he apologises for backing Brexit

A Leave voter broke into tears on LBC this morning as he apologised for backing Brexit.

Talking to James O’Brien live on air he sobbed as he asked “what have I done to my country? I’m so sorry.”

The government has been thrown into disarray today after a raft of resignations and votes of no confidence plagued Theresa May’s draft proposals for exiting the European Union.

Yesterday O’Brien listed some of the many misleading stories that have been distributed by the British press over the last 30 years.

Comforting today’s caller, he said: “Bill, there’s 17.4 million people. You can’t take all the blame on your own shoulders.

“Look at the effort. These people are billionaires. They own The Ritz, they own the Daily Telegraph.

“They wouldn’t have spent all that money and put all that effort into trying to act against your own interests if they didn’t think it was plausible.

“I’m not going to let you blame yourself, Bill. No.

“Blame them, Bill, blame them. Do not blame yourself. Don’t be sorry, be angry. And if you’re not angry yet, I’ll be angry on your behalf.

“That right there is why I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for the last two and a half years.”


Or watch the full clip here.

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