What has the EU ever done for us? We’ll tell you

A Google map layered with EU funded projects in England between 2014 and 2020 has been created to definitively answer the question “what has the EU ever done for us”.

The map is littered with EU flags that show how cash from Brussels has been spent in the UK.

Although data from Wales and Scotland is missing, the veritable spread across England shows a huge number of vital projects that have been financed by the union.

In 2014, the UK received a total of 6.984 billion euros of EU money which equates to around 5 per cent of the overall payments the EU made in that year.

That money went to agriculture, projects benefiting poorer areas and to research, education and innovation.

Browse the map in full below:


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4 Responses

  1. Richard Malim

    Nothing we would have not done for ourselves with our own money cheaper and with more financial honesty and less civil service interference. We are a net contributor: why?

  2. Dave Arthur

    This is absolute bullcrap.
    The UK is NET contributor.
    If you don’t understand this FACT, that’s fine but then maybe economics is not your strong point.
    NET = we could have done all this ourselves cheaper and possibly still have money left over as well.

  3. Rob McIntosh

    Jack, as what appears to be a professional journalist perhaps you should learn what the terms English, British, UK etc. actually mean. You appear to conflate these terms when talking about the map which does nothing for your credibility or the substance of the article. The EU has massively helped the UK over the years , something which those with the ‘little Englander’ mentality refuse to see; being too busy thinking that the world actually cares two hoots about little England these days. Even that ‘special friend’ the USA has basically said get lost unless you are holding a meltdown sale of the NHS etc.

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