Well played! TFL launch cards & badges for people with invisible illnesses or disabilities

It is an excellent idea and one that will be life-changing for users of the London transport network who have an invisible illness or disability.

TFL have just said they are launching a card and badge allocation to people who suffer from a range of issues, that hamper their daily commute.

It is hoped, like the baby on board sticker for pregnant women, people will offer to give up their seats on buses and tubes to these people, making their journey more comfortable.

The “please offer me seat” card and badge system could alleviate the stress of getting around the capital, especially at rush hour when the entire network is crowded.


The badge should encourage people to stand-up and offer their seat, without the person having to explain why they need a seat, which is awkward and many people simply suffer in silence, to stop any potential embarrassment.

Many disabilities and illnesses are not obvious to the naked eye, and this scheme will alert people to people in need of a more comfortable journey.

The card reads: ‘Please offer me a seat. Remember not all disabilities and conditions are visible.’



TFL is conducting a month’s trial of one thousand people, during September, to see if people actually offer their seats if they see someone wearing or showing their card.

If you or someone close to you feels you might be in line to receive one of these cards and badges, please click here to sign up for the initial trial.

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