Watch this lady in blue on BBC Question Time sum up the Conservative Party right now

Damien Green appeared on BBC’s Question Time and tried his best to defend a disastrous Conservative Party Conference so bereft of ideas that the Tory message literally falling apart on the wall behind Theresa May as she spoke made the front pages.

The day after Theresa May – with only 30% of her own party members believing she should not quit – gave a make or break speech, in which the highlight was a prankster handing her a P45, the Conservative MP for Ashford did his best to defend her.

“I know that she is as determined as ever to get on with her job, she sees it as her duty and she will make a success of this government,” insisted Damien Green.

But this audience member in blue tore Theresa May’s First Secretary of State to pieces, explaining:

“I don’t think it’s just a question of whether this was Theresa May’s last stand but actually it is quite clear that it was the Conservative Party Government’s last stand when they did not address at this conference the key issues that are facing us today. – Which is serious underfunding in the police, in education and in our health service. And the other defining issue of our century – which is how on earth we are going to enact this ridiculous decision to leave the European union.”

Damien Green tried to laugh off her cutting attack, but she continued to sum up the serious issues with the government for many in the audience, adding:

“These issues were completely ignored by the Conservative Party Conference. And they come out with nothing substantial. They are extremely policy light and we just don’t have any answers from the current government. It is time for a change and it is not just the Prime Minister – with due respect to her – it isn’t just the Prime Minister, it’s the shambolic lot behind her who are pretending they know what they are doing when they clearly don’t”.  


"This is the Tory Government's last stand"

"The Tories are pretending they know what they are doing, when they clearly don't" – watch Damian Green's face drop when it turns out the lady in blue in the BBC Question Time audience clearly isn't a great fan ohis Conservative Party….#BBCQT #QuestionTime

Posted by The London Economic on Thursday, 5 October 2017


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7 Responses

  1. Greg Tansey

    That lady is Helen Foster-Grime a renowned self-publicist. A former Lib-Dem councillor in Stockport. She stood for the European parliament and even got beaten by Nick Griffin.

    1. jdman

      So clearly she is not entitled to an opinion then?
      but I do agree with your general point,
      too many times are Scots confronted by (ordinary people) on BBQT to discover they are (on a lot of occasions) current Labour/Tory/libdem councillors or activists berating the @SNP

  2. Marta Falco

    the present government have had their chances and been very destructive. they seem to have an inability to ever do the RIGHT THING. oNLY THING THEY ARE GOOD AT IS FEATHERING OWN NESTS AND SAME FOR THEIR MATES.

  3. Alan

    There conference said it all, it was just a glorified get together of old Etonian school mates, plenty of playground banter but no answers or long term solutions to the crisis that faces Britain
    The Tories are way out of there depth with a small amount of knowledge which has become very dangerous to the people of Britain
    The skilled and qualified still scare Tories witless, as the intelligence level of the skilled and qualified is much higher than the privileged education mummy and daddy paid for

  4. Dave

    May should be serving the country, but she is desperately clinging on to power. Nothing she does, or any of her government does, is for the benefit of Britain, it’s just all self-interest.

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