Watch: The Boris Johnson prank in full

Boris Johnson became the latest victim of infamous Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus after the duo called pretending to be the new prime minister of Armenia.

The Foreign Secretary congratulated the caller on his election success before going on to discuss highly sensitive topics such as UK-Russia relations, the Salisbury poisoning and Syria.

According to the latest reports the hoax callers talked to Alan Duncan first, and his private office gave them a number for the Foreign Secretary on his recommendation.

After congratulating the caller at the start of the call, Mr Johnson talks of developing UK-Armenia trade and investment links.

He says he is “almost 100 per cent sure” that Mr Putin was behind the Salisbury attack and that it is important to avoid a “new cold war”.

He then advises the caller to show “determination and firmness” when dealing with Mr Putin – while vowing to continue a crackdown on his oligarch allies in London.

When the man claims the Russian president talked of his ‘influence’ over the Labour leader and that his goddaughter ‘met with people of Mr Corbyn’, Mr Johnson’s ears seemed to prick up.

He asked: “Did he go into any detail or did he just say that Jeremy Corbyn was somebody who was able to influence?”

And then following a lengthy exhange, Mr Johnson said: “I am sure our intelligence will be listening on this line and they will draw the relevant conclusions.

“Thank you very much for that interesting titbit of information.”

Watch the footage in full below:


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