WATCH: Russell Brand owns Bill Maher on voting, Trump, Hillary & Corbyn: “Don’t vote until there are politicians that speak directly to you”

The last US election played out as some pollsters had warned – like a terrible game of scissors, stone and paper. People found Bernie Sanders more believable than Donald Trump, yet the Democrat Party refused to believe in anyone but Hillary Clinton, even though many warned that she should have a far harder time standing against Trump.

All this was pretty obvious to everyone but never really acknowledged by mainstream TV hosts like Bill Maher who this week ribbed Russell Brand for having changed his mind about whether voting changes anything.

“Where are you on voting now?” Maher challenged Brand. Then he leaned over and insisted:

“You would agree it would have been better if people had voted for Hillary?”

Watch Brand’s reply as he schooled Bill Maher and his guests about the seismic shifts in politics both sides of the Atlantic and the alternatives offered by Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Russel Brand destroys Bill Maher on Sanders & Clinton

"Politicians need to offer real vision. Politics became so centralised. When a candidate like Bernie Sanders emerged he was not allowed the opportunity he deserved. Certain figures are managed towards certain positions of power and authority. The Democratic Party had preferences. Their preference was Hillary. They got Hillary. Hillary lost."#DonaldTrump #HillaryClinton #BernieSanders #Democrats #Republicans

Posted by Citizen Sophie on Sunday, 8 October 2017

“Politicians need to offer real vision,” insisted Russell Brand.

“Politics became so centralised. Realistic opportunities weren’t offered to ordinary people. And when a candidate like Bernie Sanders emerged he was not allowed the opportunity he deserved…

“The Democratic Party had preferences. Their preference was Hillary.

“You got Hillary.

“Hillary lost. I think you can tell from a glance that I’m not a Donald Trump guy.”

“Don’t vote until there are politicians that speak directly to you,” added Brand.

Bill Maher had nothing to offer but a cheap gag about the comedian’s drug taking.

Watch this magical three and a half minutes full exchange and comment with your thoughts below!


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2 Responses

  1. Alex McNamara

    Don’t think this article or slant is fair to Bill Maher at all. I watch his show regularly, and he’d actively agrees
    with Brand on most things. And Maher made some fair points, not just a “cheap drug taking gag”. They’re on the same team. Not quite sure why you’re trying to skew them as somehow adversaries, or that it’s in any way helpful. Nor did Brand “own” him. He just talks really fast and uses lots of colourful words.

  2. Z54

    The people who supported Hillary Clinton, that includes Bill Maher are the reason we have Donald Trump as President, and America is the laughing stock of the world!

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