Watch – Professor Brian Cox schools climate change sceptic

Almost all scientists agree that climate change is a fact and a huge issue that could wipe humans from the planet, but sadly quite a lot of people don’t think it is real.

Well step forward a newly elected Australian politician who thinks climate change is in fact a climate change, manipulated by NASA of all people.

Don’t worry though Professor Brian Cox was on hand to sort him out with, cold hard facts, something that seem to be increasingly ignored these days.

Cox was on a televised Q&A session with Malcolm Roberts from an anti-immigration party. Cox literally couldn’t believe his climate change conspiracy theory

Someone in the audience asked Prof Cox to address Mr Roberts’ proof humans have caused climate change.
“I could sit here and read out figures until I’m blue in the face,” Prof Cox replied.

“The absolute, absolute consensus is that human action is leading to an increase in average temperature. Absolute consensus. I know you may try to argue with that,” he said to Mr Roberts, “but you can’t.”

Throughout the show, Roberts called for “empirical data” proving that climate change was real. Prof Cox produced a graph showing global surface temperatures of the past century.

However, Mr Roberts said the climate data had been “corrupted”.

“What do you mean corrupted?” Prof Cox asked.

Mr Roberts responded: “Manipulated”.

“By who?” Prof Cox asked.

“Nasa,” Mr Roberts said.

Sadly in this post-fact world, people are listening to people like Roberts over experts like Cox, it wants to make you cry.

Watch video here 

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  1. Bart

    Some background FYI, Malcolm Roberts was elected to the Oz Senate after receiving a grand total of 77 votes (before voting preferences were redistributed).

    The right wing party to which he belongs has a total of four key Senate seats after a very close run election. One seat is held by a Western Australian man who was elected just prior to facing a magistrate over robbery charges, charges which were pressed prior to the election. The party leader is the uninhibited xenophobe Pauline Hanson who has also spent time in jail. There’s some third Senator who is sensibly keeping a lower profile than the others (not sure how long our luck can last though) and then there’s this guy, Malcolm (NASA stole my homework) Roberts.

    Supporters of their party recently dressed in Islamic and Arabic garb and then stormed into a church during a sermon, upsetting the pastor and terrifying some of the congregation. This was done as a stunt, Fr Bower was targeted just because he advocates for secular society and is strongly in favour of refugees settling in Australia. Hanson’s party, which specialises in pinning all terrorism on all Muslims, was lightning fast to deny her own supporters’ actions were in any way motivated by her inflammatory public rhetoric.

    So Brian Cox discredited a senator and also slapped the nutjob party which supported that senator’s campaign. Prof. Cox did Australia a terrific public service and though it’s as embarrassing as hell that Malcolm Roberts is indeed an Australian senator who is everything the article says and more, I am glad this absolute gem example of schooling is being reporting across the pond.

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