Watch – PM May tells Andrew Marr she WON’T call snap election

The PM has just announced a snap election, on June 8th, however only a matter of months ago she ruled it out. She asks for a period of stability, but has, today, changed her mind. Could it have anything to do with her lead over Labour in the Polls? Surely not.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “It is right that an un-elected Prime Minister goes to the polls, but this election cannot and should not be fought on sound bites and buzzwords.

“This election must be about the lives, hopes and worries of real people, not Westminster games.

“That means tackling insecure work, the housing crisis, a health and social care system close to breaking point and being clear about what the Government’s Brexit plan means for each and every one of us.”

However, speaking to the Andrew Marr Show – in her first major interview since she took office – Mrs May warned Brexit would not be “plain sailing” for the UK. She said formal EU talks will not begin until 2017, but vowed the process would not be “kicked into the long grass”. She also ruled out a snap election, saying the UK needs “stability”. Well that idea has been kicked into the long grass.

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