Watch: Jeremy Corbyn receives the rock star reception Theresa May tried to get in 2016

Jeremy Corbyn today inadvertently received the rock star reception Theresa May aimed for in 2016 when she delivered the closing speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

The Labour leader came out to the now famed rendition of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, despite there been no music in the background.

It makes a stark difference to May’s reception when she got a tame response with Elvis Costello & The Attractions blaring out of the stereos.

Even the shadow cabinet got involved in the raucous reception which reverberated off the walls in Brighton as the party conference drew to a close.

The Conservatives are due to convene in Manchester from the start of next week with May hanging on to power and facing in-party fighting.

According to the latest polling information Labour would be able to form a majority government in a general election if it was held tomorrow.

The latest YouGov survey for The Times found that 42 per cent of respondents would back Labour in the polls.


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