Watch – Jeremy Corbyn is ”ready to win” an election if another one is called

Yesterday a relaxed looking Jeremy Corbyn went on the Andrew Marr show to tell the nation he is ready to take on the Tories, if another election is called, and to win.

He told Andrew Marr it is ‘quite possible’ that there will be another vote either this year or in 2018.

Corbyn said he is also going to create his own Queen’s Speech, based on the Labour manifesto, to be considered by parliament.

As the Conservative Party appear to be struggling to cinch a deal with the DUP, the Labour leader still hopes he could become PM. It is possible, but unlikely without the country going to the polls..again

Corbyn said that a Labour minority government would support a ‘jobs-first’ Brexit and guarantee rights of EU nationals in Britain.

Watch Video Here


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