Watch: James O’Brien ridicule John Redwood’s Brexit optimism

LBC presenter James O’Brien has ridiculed Conservative MP John Redwood over his optimistic post-Brexit plans in a typically brutal put-down live on air.

In a hilarious spoof, the presenter said he wished cash machines had a John Redwood optimism button, dispensing more money than you actually have in your account.

The Conservatives, who are traditionally renowned for their fiscal responsibility, have run into problems after the Office of Budgetary Responsibility reported that the economic forecasts for the last seven or eight years have been overly optimistic.

But Redwood tweeted earlier today that the Treasury should be more optimistic and “find the money for a successful economy post Brexit”.

O’Brien said the traditionalist Tory, who is from very much the right wing of the party, has “apparently been under the impression for his entire political career that there’s a bunch of money in the Treasury that the Chancellor just hasn’t found yet.

“It’s just a question of looking in the right places. Yeah go on then, most obviously perhaps down the back of the sofas.”

Watch the full clip below:


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