Watch – James O’Brien on High Court decision regarding Brexit

LBC presenter James O’Brien laid into the Leave supporters regarding the Brexit High Court ruling. He said to Leave voters: ‘If you think you voted in possession of truth, honesty and facts then you’re a banana.’ O’Brien is one of the most outspoken media figures against Brexit and the misinformation that led the UK to vote to leave the EU.

After the front pages of the right-wing press this morning, you have to wonder how many would count James as an enemy of the people as well.

He slammed PM May for not even getting “Brexit means Brexit” right, after the High Court ruled that Parliament must approve Brexit before the government can invoke Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the EU.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: “When she came up with Brexit means Brexit, she even got that wrong.

“The idea that she could trigger it, using the royal prerogative, without talking to our sovereign elected democratic parliament, the seat of democracy in this country. She even got that wrong.”

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  1. B Houston

    Obviously he is a bitter remaining who is wanting to overturn the will of the people – he needs to be reminded that the referendum was presented as, and was always intended to be, the determination of whether we stayed or remained in the EU – and that decision has been made – we are leaving. This discussion about the courts decision is nothing less then the remainers hoping to overturn the referendum by trying to change the goal posts – and that is grossly undemocratic. If the people had wanted our politicians to decide for us then what was the purpose of the referendum! By the venomous contempt in his voice it is clear this is nothing less than the desperate desire by people who think they know better than the majority of people in the UK – to get another shot at keeping us in the EU. All that said I believe courts decision should simply be ignored or will be overturned by the Supreme Court shortly – as in my opinion the courts have overstepped their authority by a wilful misunderstanding of the situation, It is an unacceptable interference by the courts and an affront to the people of this country. Article 50 should be served without a vote – and then Parliament given the opportunity to vote on whether to accept or reject whatever exit deal is negotiated. To expect Parliament to vote now is to expect the impossible because you are asking them to vote on something that they have no details on – because the EU will not discuss the matter without article 50 having been served – but then that is the whole idea behind this. It is not about lofty ideals of parliamentary sovereignty or protecting democracy as they would make out, but a thin veil of procedural respectability concealing a deceitful attempt to frustrate the process.

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