Watch – Florida student fighting for gun control now has more followers than the NRA

It seems that the most recent mass shooting in the US has created a huge groundswell of support for gun control.

On Valentine’s Day 17 people were killed in a senseless attack of innocent high school children.

In the aftermath of the attack, Emma Gonzalez spoke out at an anti-firearms protest in Fort Lauderdale. Her 11 minute speech was so heartfelt that she has become a prominent voice in the anti-gun movement in the US and across the world.

At only 18-years-old she has been so brave to challenge the NRA and the pro-gun sections of America, which still accounts for a huge amount of the US population.

However, time may be changing, Emma now has more followers on Twitter than the National Rifle Association of America (NRA).
The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student now has 691,000 followers on the social media platform, while the NRA has 562,000.

The NRA has hit back though and said the police and high school of failures on dealing with the gunman and that the #BoycottNRA movement on social media is unfairly targeted its five million strong membership.

Law enforcement agencies had received warnings about Cruz,the shooter, before the attack, including one caller saying the eventual gunman could be a “school shooter in the making.”

Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the influential gun lobby group, told ABC News: “The NRA doesn’t back any ban.”

Watch video here


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