Watch: Emily Thornberry takes aim at Boris Johnson with this paternity test troll

Shadow First Secretary of State Emily Thornberry trolled Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at the Labour Party Conference today by suggesting he should get a “Brexit paternity test” to find out who is responsible for the broken promises of the Leave campaign.

Bojo has come under fire of late after repeating the £350 million promise in a Daily Telegraph feature, despite it being found to be completely unfounded.

Not only does the £350 million figure ignore the rebate secured by Margeret Thatcher, which equates to around a third of that sum, it also glosses over how much of that money would have to be paid to industries losing out on EU funding, such as farmers, universities and research organisations.

But in a bid to distance himself from the broken promises of the Leave party Johnson has said he isn’t happy with the way Brexit is going, prompting this spectacular troll from Thornberry at the Labour Party conference.

In her words, “Who does he think made all those promises? Who does he think was in charge of the Leave campaign?

“Perhaps it’s time for a paternity test”.


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