Watch - 'Distressing' home visit by immigration officers

This video shows the dawn immigration enforcement operation by six officers, showing a “distressing” and “intimidating” sequence of events.reports the Guardian

Qu Zixuan and her fiance, Duncan Watkinson, describe the moment they were confronted by six immigration officers at dawn in their London home. The couple describe their confusion, fear and anger as the officials told Qu she had no leave to remain in the UK, despite them having an immigration appointment at the Home Office.

Six immigration officers have been accused of raiding the home of a couple armed with handcuffs in an ‘intimidating’ manner.

Enforcement officials descended on the London flat of Duncan Watkinson and his Chinese fiance Zixuan Qu at dawn on May 1.

The pair claim the team were ‘banging’ on the windows after turning up to their home at 5.30am.

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