Watch – Australian woman wearing Burkini ‘chased off French beach’

The Burkini row in France is still rumbling on, now a Muslim woman from Australia has spoken out, after she claims she was forced to remove the beachwear while in France.

The woman was wearing the Burkini to show solidity with fellow Muslim women who had been forced to remove their chosen swimwear, while on certain beaches in France. Images emerged of one women being forced to remove her burkini by four policemen carrying guns.

The woman in question, a medical student called Zeynab Alshelh, showed Australia’s Channel 7 footage of other beachgoers telling her they would contact the police if she didn’t leave the beach.

The ban on wearing the Burkini was overturned by France’s high court, however Nicolas Sarkozy said he will make the ban nationwide, if he is re-elected as the next French president.

The law to stop women wearing the Burkini was brought in after the lorry attack in Nice, which killed a he number of people and was on in a long list of terror attacks across France, by people who have pledged allegiance to IS.

Ms Alshelh told the Australian news network that the Muslim dress “is a symbol of my faith, it is a symbol of my religion, it is a symbol of Islam and to go out there and wear the hijab, it helps people focus on what’s inside rather than what’s on the outside.”

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  1. david

    A Muslim Australian woman takes a news crew not to Afghanistan (where young Muslim women are poisoned and attacked with acid for wanting to go to school) or to Saudi Arabia (where Muslim women cannot do anything without a male relative as “guardian,” sometimes their own son) or to Egypt (where over 90% of Muslim women have had FGM performed on them as a “cultural” practice) or to Pakistan (where according to NGO figures, thousands of Muslim women die in “honour killings” every year) but to France… where Muslim women aren’t allowed to wear a swimwear variant of the Burqa, a garment forced upon Muslim women by Muslim men with no basis in religion but has somehow become culturally twisted in Western countries to be a symbol of Muslim women’s empowerment.

    What a strange, strange world we live in. And a clear demonstration of how the Australian media has no clue as to the truth and real world context of the stories they report.

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