Watch – Angry Jeremy Corbyn answers train row question

Jeremy Corbyn really wanted to discuss his plans for a fully nationalised health service today, however the reporters at the press conference had other plans.

He become very flustered when the hacks wanted to discuss “traingate,” especially Darren McCaffrey from Sky News. Virgin Trains released video footage which they claim shows there were empty seats on the train, which Corbyn could have sat down on for his journey from London to Newcastle to attend a hustings there.

Initially, the Labour leader refused to answer questions on the row during today’s press conference, and said “we’re discussing the NHS,” and waned a question on the health service, but sadly for him none came.

He was pressed on the issue and eventually began to talk about it, his anger was clearly showing, when he said: “I’m glad you have watched the CCTV so carefully. This is a really important issue this, absolutely crucial to the future of the whole nation and the NHS.”

He claims that he walked past some empty seats as he wanted be next to his wife for the journey.

Corbyn stated: “Let’s get to the details of it. Yes I did walk through the train. Yes I did look for two empty seats together so I could sit down with my wife to talk to her. That wasn’t possible.

“And so I went to the end of the train. The train manager, who was a very nice gentleman, came along and we had a chat about the problems of overcrowding and regulations on the trains.

“He said he would see what he could do after he’d already offered me an upgrade to first class which I’d declined.

“He then very kindly did find some seats and after 42 minutes I went back through the train to the seats that he’d allocated.”

It seems this row is not coming to an end any time soon and is adding to the pressure on the Labour leader, who is hoping to keep his top job in the party when the results of the new leadership contest are announced in September.

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