Vote Leave director says vote to leave could be ‘an error’

The Vote Leave director who created the £350m NHS lie on a bus has admitted leaving the EU could be ‘an error’.

Mr Cummings’ u-turn came in a late-night Twitter exchange in which he was asked whether anything could happen to “wish Leave had not won the referendum?”

In reply, he wrote: “Lots! I said before REF was dumb idea, other things shdve been tried 1st. In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error.”

He also described the referendum as a ‘dumb idea’ which is shaping up to be a ‘guaranteed debacle’.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, said: “Dominic Cummings has let the cat out of the bag.

“This is the man who slapped the £350m NHS lie on the side of the bus who is now saying leaving the EU could be a mistake.

“These Brexiteers have sold us a pup and lied to the public. This is why I believe the public should be given a say on the final Brexit deal.”

In February The London Economic exposed Mr Cummings for admitting that the Brexit referendum was won by lying to the public.

He said that the NHS wouldn’t really take back our £350 million EU fee, and that immigration wouldn’t really be capped, and that standards of living wouldn’t really change if we left the EU. All of which are matters that the general public voted on, and all are incorrect.


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