VIDEO – UKIP Brexit Campaign Song…WOW

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Mandy Boycott a UKIP campaigner, and one-time prospective parliamentary MP, has made a pretty special parody version of Baddiel and Skinner’s Three Lions. It has to be seen to be believed. The singing is terrible, the lyrics are terrible, you guessed it…it is TERRIBLE.

Our best line “They’ve taken all our fish.”

Watch here

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  1. Thomas Evans

    Only thing that is terrible, and frankly really rather pathetic is so called journalists being spiteful and bitter at something which is clearly a light-hearted attempt to lighten the mood of the referendum, that has become nasty and unpleasant with abuse, scaremongering and treats from the IN campaign.

    Lighten up, and grow a sense of humour.

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