VIDEO – Tory Conference Delegate Allegedly Assaults Camerawoman at Disabled Protest

By Ben Gelblum 

The TLE have obtained footage of a delegate to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester man-handling a woman filming the Disabled People Against the Cuts protest (DPAC) outside the conference yesterday lunchtime.

The TLE spoke today to the camera woman who was filming protests on Monday for live streaming website Independence Live.

The 54-year-old who had traveled from Scotland to film thousands take to the streets of Manchester this week to protest against the Conservative austerity programme, said:

“Yesterday afternoon. around lunchtime I was with the DPAC disabled protesters and I noticed there was a bit of a kerfuffle.

“I noticed a Tory delegate getting annoyed with a protestor so turned my iPad on and started live streaming. It was a protest against the benefit sanctions and deaths of people who had disability benefits cut or refused by Ian Duncan Smith’s Department of Work and Pensions. I could see the delegate was angry and shouting at somebody. And thats when he came over and grabbed my arm and pushed it right down. Luckily i it was on my selfie stick and I was holding it tight as he was quite forceful.”

The camerawoman who films under her monicker 45 Storm and did not want her full name published for fear of repercussions, added:
“Someone said to me ‘that was assault.’ There were about 40 police officers there, and they were escorting the delegate in, so I said: ‘I’ve just been assaulted, are you not going to say something to him?’ But they said they couldn’t do anything now and advised I visit a police station. I was a bit annoyed as I heard them tell him that I was perfectly entitled to be filming there.”

The section of the livestream in which the incident took place was uploaded online by Youtube activist Mark McGowan, also known as The Artist Taxi Driver.

The popular online social activist confirmed to TLE that he witnessed the incident as described to us by 45 Storm. He added:
“Outside Tory party conference I saw this guy lurch forward and lash out at a woman, it was quite shocking, violent. Quite sudden as well.”

So what do you think, was this incident an assault?

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5 Responses

  1. Jac

    Aggressive protestors stick cameras in guy’s face to provoke reaction, get reaction, release doctored video (several sound edits) and then want police, who’d they normally be spitting on and shouting at, to arrest old guy, you have to love the loony left. Or pity them.

    1. Nickskdbfjs

      Aggressive delegates goad protestors and eventually get the reaction they were after, every newspaper runs it on their front page. See the difference?

  2. Hi. I was there when this incident happened. The person with camera came and filmed an aggressive incident taking place. We’re very glad they did. Disabled protesters had been allowed to stay inside the barriers close enough to delegates to touch them, or be touched because we were not deemed to be a threat. Sadly nobody assesses the conference delegates by the same criteria. This wasn’t the only violent incident which took place, and more delegates than I can count had to be physically ‘escorted’ by police into the building. thanks 45Storm for being there filming what was REALLY happening, as the mainstream media have gone out of their way to make sure we were not in their camera shots. it’s why there’s no decent panorama shots of them actually walking in this entrance – we were inside it all afternoon with them walking between us. this footage here is of what was going

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