Video – SNP MP Mhairi Black slams Trident renewal

One of the youngest MPs, Mhairi Black, made another passionate speech, this time attacking the vote to renew Trident, which passed by a huge majority.

She called the nuclear deterrent the “long term economic sham,” in a speech that would probably strike a chord with anyone who doesn’t agree with the Government’s £205bn weaponry cost.

Black’s maiden speech regarding the Government’s austerity measures, brought her to the attention of many outside of the Westminster and this speech was just as emotive and analytical.

The SNP MP said nuclear missiles would only ever be used if we had already suffered a nuclear strike.

“To be frank,” she said, “that would mean that we were all dead anyway. If I am dying, I do not care if we send a weapon back; I am more worried about the one that is coming towards me.”

She blasted the government for repeatedly claiming “that we cannot afford to look after the disabled, we cannot afford to look after our unemployed and we cannot afford to pay pensions on time.”

And yet, she said, they are happy to write a blank cheque for “useless weapons.”

She said: “And for what? To preserve Westminster’s self-indulgent image of importance. This is all part of the Government’s long-term economic sham.”

Watch video here 

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